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Sending money to your family provides ultimate happiness. Our team value your hard-earned Income, and, we are delighted to share your happiness in helping your families and countries.

How To Send Money From Japan?

SMILES Remit has powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) x FinTech. Digital Wallet’s SMILES remittance and payment service provides an advanced way of sending money instantly to your loved ones. We offer a do-it-yourself system using your mobile phone. You can send money anytime, anywhere at high exchange rates, affordable remittance fee, with 15-minute-cash-pick-up service and within the day credit-to-bank accounts. Moreover, you get loyalty points from every remittance transaction.

If you’ve been working in Japan for a while and following all the money-saving advice on this site, by now you’ve probably built up a pile of cash. While you could spend your stash on a gold-laced cocktail at the Mandarin Oriental, you might want to consider sending it home, or to a country that doesn’t have negative interest rates. So what are your options to transfer money out of Japan? Check it out!