FX trading platforms for beginner investors in Japan

For beginners interested in investing in the Forex market, this article introduces various FX platforms which allow you to trade with tiny funds and limited risks!

Table of Contents

1. GMOクリック証券

  • World Number 1 in terms of FX Trading Volume.
  • Low spread, no fees.
  • Various investment products such as stocks and investment trusts.
  • Grant cashback up to JPY 304,000 when opening a new account.
Currently, there are hardly any firms collecting fees, GMO クリック証券’ spreads are the lowest in the industry!
Mobile apps enable GMOクリック証券 to become popular among investors as users can trade on different devices, such as desktops or smartphones.
Opening one account, users can invest in various products in the platform, like stock, trusts, futures, options, CFDs.
Open a new GMOクリック証券 account, click here .

2. SBI FXトレード

  • The minimum required funds are about 5 yen.
  • Spreads are the lowest in the industry.
  • Non-major currencies are available, Korean won, Brazilian real, etc.
  • The “subsidiary” of the largest online securities company SBI SECURITIES.
SBI FX トレード is the only Forex company that allows 1-dollar transaction of the currency pair USD/JPY. Unlike other firms, investors could start trading from the minimum funds of “5 yen” instead of thousands of yen. Tradable Currency Pairs Outside of the Majors are worth investing, like Korean won, Brazilian real, which are only available on the SBI FXトレード platform.
Open a new SBI FXトレード account, click here .


  • 800,000 existing accounts, the largest number in the industry! (including 外為ジャパン, literally Foreign Exchange Japan)
  • Spreads and commissions are quite affordable.
  • Charts and mobile apps are user-friendly.
  • Up to 200,000 yen cashback for new accounts (terms applied).
DMM FX gains its popularity with user-friendly trading systems, mobile apps, sophisticated charts, and 24/7 customer support via phone calls and Line. Beginner and inexperienced investors are big fans of DMM FX. Spreads of DMM FX is not as attractive as the two above but it provides the point program. The more the users invest, the lower the fees will be.
Open a new DMM FX account, click here .

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