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What are the valid Japan ID’s that can be submitted?

    The following IDs are accepted:

  • For foreigners: valid Residence Card
  • For Japanese nationals: valid Driving License, valid passport, or valid My number card
  • For Diplomats and Officials with a diplomatic passport: valid Passport
  • For Non-Japanese with no Residence Card: valid passport including visa page
How long will my registration be approved?
Approval of your registration may take around 1-3 business days. If no confirmation has been received after 3 days, go to “Chat” and check whether or not you received a notice regarding the need to re-do the registration process. If you have not received any notice, please contact our customer service at 050-5305-6669 or via LINE/Viber at 070-2628-8726.
What are the minimum requirements to register with Smiles?
To register with Smiles, you will need a valid email address and a valid Japanese ID such as residence card (if you are non-Japanese) or valid Japanese driver’s license (if you are Japanese).
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