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How to remit

Need a guide how to remit money to your home-country? Click on How to remit and we will find you a best solution.

More ways to remit from now on:

Learn more about Remittance Tips from Japan and experience a good exchange rate, affordable remittance fee and excellent customer support. 

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How to register

Just a minute, then you can send money from Japan to your beloved ones in hometown. We offer a do-it-yourself system using your mobile phone to download and register Smiles Apps and deposit money to your account by internet banking.

Remittance certification

It can be officially used for Japanese income-tax deduction. You could download the remittance certification from the app or let us know if you need more information such as Nenkin stuff.

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Point Programs

Earn thousands loyalty points first time register Smiles app or refer to your friends, or on each remittance transaction. Use point to send money to your home-country with spending ZERO yen is possible on Smiles.

Learn more how to earn points >>

Exchange rate

The real-time exchange rate simulator that is developed by Smiles Remittance. You can calculate remittance fees as well as update exchange rate to your home-country currency every-time, every-where you need to remit from Japan.

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Remittance Service Inquiries

SMILES cards

Remittance cards

Find out the most convenient way to remit without mobile phone but good exchange rate and reasonable fee. Just go to Yucho or AEON Bank ATM.

order SMILES cards

Remittance apps

You can also learn by reading our guideline about register Smiles app or FAQs while Smiles’s Customer Service Team is out of service.

Check out FAQs about how to register >>


By registering Smiles account, you can make a legal remit from Japan and have many benefits: income tax deduction, earn loyalty membership points to make a zero fee transaction.

Remittance Service deposit and send

Remittance tips

Earn more – pay less by update new and helpful articles such as how to transfer money by Yucho internet banking or register Myna Point or tips to make a safe bank transfer in Japan.

Learn more about remittance tips >>

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