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What is Maishoku?

Hi Smiles friends! Welcome back to our Lifestyle series. Maishoku is one of the popular Japanese food delivery services which provides a bilingual option that lets you order either in Japanese or English. Up until now, delivery service in Japan that provides service with other language than Japanese is still considered limited. So, Maishoku helps foreigners who are not familiar with Japanese. The company was established in 2012 by Dynaptico Inc. and Nagano Tectron Co., Ltd. Where Maishoku offers more than 250 restaurants across Tokyo. It allows you to order a huge range of cuisines via web or mobile app.

There are different types of food ordering with Maishoku; individual ordering, the basic service which lets you to order individually and either pick the food up or ask for delivery. The 2nd option is group ordering; this is a service that you can use with your friends and enjoy the service together. You can also order for your company’s event or other secure environments; they called it domain order. According to Maishoku co-founder, Ola Nordqvist, a company can coordinate their calendar system and allows their employees add their lunch order. There is no need to concern about the payment method. Maishoku allows their users to use both Credit Cards and cash on delivery. As mentioned before, it also has a mobile application that you can download easily from the App Store and Google Play Store.

However, there are some points you need to pay attention to while using the Maishoku service. They will not accept any cancellation of purchase after the order has been completed; after credit card payment is completed. In principle, there will be no refunds or cancellations, even if there is a mistake in the delivery location or delivery time due to a customer’s input mistakes, circumstances at our member stores, delays due to traffic congestion, etc. Also, depending on the restaurants, there is a minimum price for order. Moreover, compare to other big companies that provides the same service, for now, the limitation of the number of restaurants might be one of the considerations for customers.

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