How To Deposit

Remittance Service deposit and send

Yucho account is highly recommended.

  • The transaction fee to make a deposit to SMILES Wallet: ¥100.
  • Need to report after deposit to SMILES.

    The best convenient way: effortless and competitive fees:

    1. Find the nearest Yucho ATM.
    2. Deposit by following guidance of the card
    3. No need to report and wait for confirmation from SMILES to make a remittance.

    The fastest and cheapest way. Yucho Direct is highly recommended. ​

    • Free of charge 5 transactions monthly to same bank account
    • Yucho Tsucho allows transfer above 5 MAN each time.

    The transaction to same bank account in Yucho Bank Counter Fees:

    •  Under ¥50,000 counts the fee ¥550.
    • Above ¥50,000 counts the fee ¥770

    *Transaction method: 電信払込 denshinharaikomi


    Smiles Card can only be used through Yucho Bank (Japan Post Bank) ATM machine or AEON Bank ATM. You can save time by skipping the entering of payee bank account number and your PIN. There is also no need to report your deposit to Smiles Application. It’s automated transaction!

    You can order Smiles Cards via Smiles Application from Menu >> Order >> Name of Smiles Cards.

    There are typically 3 reasons which avoid updating account balance:

    1. Limit of the card is 10 Man. The over 10 Man transaction is not allow to top-up.
    2. Follow the correct ATM guideline.
    3. Check the card to make sure there is no adhesive tape or material issues

    Please note that the progressing of deposit without using Smiles Card may take longer. You can check the transaction status by checking SMILES apps Remit/Pay >> Deposit

    No, please don’t ever send us cash or cheques, we can’t accept or process them. We also can’t take payments over the phone or over the counter.

    No, you are not allowed to use someone else’s bank account to deposit to your app wallet. You can only use either your own assigned SMILES Wallet card or any of your own Japan bank accounts.

    No, you are not allowed to use a company or organization’s bank acount to deposit to your app wallet.

    Install is free