Program Poin

Smiles Mobile Remittance

Smiles menawarkan program poin hanya untuk Anda agar dapat mengirim lebih murah untuk keluarga tercinta.

Download aplikasi Smiles GRATIS


Dapatkan poin tiap kali transaksi!

Apakah Itu Program Poin Smiles?

Smiles dalah jasa pengiriman uang pertama yang menggunakan sistem poin hanya untuk Anda untuk mengurangi biaya kirim bahkan GRATIS!

Poin sangat mudah didapatkan tiap Anda selesai melakukan pengiriman, pertama kali mendaftar, mengundang teman, dan promo lainnya!

Loyalty points

Smiles has a loyalty points program to help you earn more and get the most out of each time you send money because we believe you deserve it.

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What are Smiles
loyalty points?

Smiles has developed a points program for valued customers to make sure that fees can be minimized or gone!

Points can easily be earned every time you remit, when you first register, participate in campaigns, and more!

Dapatkan Poin Lebih Banyak!

Earn points.
You deserve it.

1 poin = 1 yen


Tiap pendaftaran Smiles melalui aplikasi, Anda akan langsung mendapatkan 50 poin!

Pengiriman Pertama

Anda akan mendapatkan 500 poin setelah Anda melakukan pengiriman pertama!

Tiap Pengiriman

Dapatkan poin hingga 200 poin tiap selesai melakukan pengiriman.

Undang Teman

Sebarkan Smiles ke semua keluarga dan kerabat tercinta. Dapatkan 500 poin dari tiap pendaftar baru!


Smiles membagikan poin tiap bulannya melalui banyak promo dan dapatkan hingga 10,000 poin!


If you register for a Smiles account on the app, you instantly earn 50 points!

First Remittance

You earn 500 points after you remit for the first time through the Smiles app!

Every Remittance

Earn up to 200 points every remittance. The higher the amount, the more you earn!

Refer a Friend

Tell your friends about Smiles, have them register and receive 500 points!


Smiles has campaigns every month where you can win up to 10,000 points!

Biaya Kirim Lebih Murah

Anda bisa mengirim uang dengan biaya kirim lebih murah tiap kali transaksi menggunakan poin. Anda bisa masukkan jumlah poin yang ingin Anda gunakan melalui aplikasi.

Kirim Uang Lebih Banyak

Jika Anda menggunakan poin untuk mengirim, biaya kirim Anda akan berkurang dan Anda dapat kirim lebih banyak.

Less transfer fees

You can lower your (already) low fees every time you transfer your money. You’re free to choose how many points you want to use towards your remittance.

Higher transfer amount

If you add points to the transferring amount, the receiving end will get more versus if you don’t use points.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can order Smiles Cards via Smiles Application from Menu >> Smiles Wallet Card (or) Smiles Link Card

Smiles Card can only be used through Yucho Bank (Japan Post Bank) ATM machine or AEON Bank ATM. You can save time by skipping the entering of payee bank account number and your PIN. There is also no need to report your deposit to Smiles Application. It’s automated transaction!

There are typically 3 reasons which avoid updating account balance:
  1. Limit of the card is 10 Man. The over 10 Man transaction is not allow to top-up.
  2. Follow the correct ATM guideline.
  3. Check the card to make sure there is no adhesive tape or material issues
Please note that the progressing of deposit without using Smiles Card may take longer. You can check the transaction status by checking SMILES apps Remit/Pay >> Deposit