Visi Kami

Smiles Founder & CEO



Digital Wallet Co., Ltd. is a digital wallet service technology company established with the aim of realizing the ultimate cashless society by using electronic money, AI, big data, and contactless IC technology that I have been involved in for a long time. Members who have been involved in the creation of Osaifu-Keitai, global cloud services, development and operation, development of electronic money Edy, Sony Group’s digital services and design members, etc. are gathering together to develop services. 

As a Fintech company with IT service platform originating in Japan, we aim to provide services that will support the lives of our customers around the world for the next 50 to 100 years.

With financial technology, we want to enhance human connections between people and communities. In every remittance, we believe there is a story and emotion involved and a beautiful drama embedded in its process. While digital figures are exchanged, we would like to attach a sense of appreciation and excitement among family members, friends and/or business associates. Particularly, our mobile money transfer service, where people who left their home countries and families to work overseas, when they send money to their loved ones, they are not just doing a financial transaction but rather they are sending their sacrificial love and care for the welfare of their beloved. It is for this reason why we have chosen SMILES as our brand name because we want to bring smiles across the miles. Another important purpose of starting our company is to provide a working environment where our employees can enjoy a fulfilling career while enjoying their family life. The company supports the employees in their different life stages such as pregnancy, nursing and child-care, caring for sick family members, children`s education and even future retirement. Our aim is to accommodate such members who can work as professionals without compromising work quality, while at the same time spending irreplaceable time with family and loved ones. With the support of many customers, the mobile international money transfer service has grown dramatically to the serve the increasing number of users and has become a globally used platform service originating from Japan. With the growth of our business, our employee composition, work styles and corridors have diversified. More than 60% of employees are foreigners and more than 50% are women. Diversity of culture, religion, and race has made our team stronger. This has been the source of our pride  

Our mission is to enrich the lives of world citizens (Global Citizen) and their families who live from across the countries. We will continue to build a team of global citizens for the global citizens and for the communities they represent. We will develop opportunities to benefit, not just the company, but also our customers and the countries where they come from.

We are committed to our mission – enriching lives, enhancing life.

By Eiji Miyakawa, Founder/CEO