Smiles Mobile Remittance meets Indonesian communities all around Japan Sep 2022

miyagi smiles sep 2022 indonesia japan

Tokyo, Japan – Digital Wallet Corporation sent the Smiles Mobile Remittance Indonesia Team to travel around Japan throughout September. North to south, east to west, they visited many towns, formed communities and supported many events to create strong relationships with many Indonesian trainees.

Smiles Indonesia had a full agenda. See below for the highlights of each activity:

September 3 & 4, 2022 (Tohoku, Japan)

Smiles Indonesia visited several apartments where around 100 trainees reside in Fukushima, Shiogama and Nihomatsu areas. 

The next day, Smiles Indonesia supported the futsal competition in Sendai where team members are Indonesian nationals residing in Miyagi. During the event, the community around the area had a reunion after minimal contact during the pandemic.

kagawa futsal indonesia japan sep 2022

September 10 & 11, 2022 (Shikoku, Japan)

Similar to the prior weekend, Smiles Indonesia spent Saturday apartment-hopping and connecting with many trainees living in Utazu, Kagawa and Kochi areas. 


On Sunday, the 11th, Smiles Indonesia supported a futsal game to see Indonesian nationals residing in Kochi compete. This was also an opportunity for the Indonesian community around the area to come together after a pause during the pandemic.

September 23 to 25, 2022 (Okinawa, Japan)

Traveling around different parts of Okinawa, the team visited a nori (dried seaweed) factory where they met with a handful of trainees and formed two strong Indonesian communities. 

Smiles Indonesia formed the first Lombok community formed in Japan there which is a kickstart to helping Indonesians find a place to feel more at home and connect with each other in Okinawa. Smiles Indonesia also created a Baraya Viking Community in Okinawa which will be sponsored by Smiles Mobile Remittance.

Throughout the month of September, Smiles Indonesia had the privilege of meeting with hardworking trainees who have begun a brand new chapter in Japan. 

Starting a new life in a distinctive country comes with many challenges and emotions. With that in mind, Smiles Mobile Remittance serves and supports its customers and its communities to make the world a more sustainable and peaceful place.

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