Smiles Mobile Remittance, Sacombank-SBR & Customers Donate to Victims of Super Typhoon Noru

Digital Wallet Corporation’s Smiles Mobile Remittance, Japan’s number one mobile global money transfer service, and Sacombank-SBR, a remittance service owned by one of the largest banks in Vietnam, partnered to donate relief funds and packages to victims of Super Typhoon No.4 Noru in Vietnam.


Super Typhoon Noru made an appearance over the Philippine Sea and traveled through Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam towards the end of September 2022. 

Central Vietnam was tragically affected by the storm last September 28 when more than 800,000 people were called to evacuate. Hoa Son Town, Hoa Vang District and Da Nang City suffered the most.

Chuyển tiền Smiles từ thiện miền trung
Siêu bão noru tàn phá miền trung
thiên tai miền trung

Smiles Mobile Remittance Vietnam and Sacombank-SBR, with it Smiles’s customers, made donations to the “Hướng về miền Trung thân yêu” Charity Fund (translated as “To the beloved central region”).


During the donation program, Sacombank-SBR Chairman and General Director Mr. Tran Minh Khoa initially brought 15 large relief packages, including rice, and donated 2 million Vietnam Dong to households devastated by Typhoon Noru. The Smiles Vietnam Team, Sacombank-SBR and Smiles customers were able to deliver more relief packages and donate a total of 5 million Vietnam Dong.

Smiles Mobile Remittance has been a strong partner of Sacombank-SBR since 2018 to offer the best remittance experience to Vietnamese to remit from Japan and support their loved ones in Vietnam.

Chuyển tiền Smiles cùng Sacombank-SBR trao tiền từ thiện 2022
Chuyển tiền Smiles cùng Sacombank-SBR trao tiền từ thiện 2022
Chuyển tiền Smiles cùng Sacombank-SBR trao tiền từ thiện 2022
Ủng hộ đồng bào miền trung
Ủng hộ đồng bào miền trung - chuyển tiền Smiles

When it comes to supporting Vietnamese communities, Smiles and SBR will take the opportunity to collaborate and take action. Mr. Tran Minh Khoa has expressed to Smiles that he is “fully committed to…initiating more meaningful activities together”.


Smiles Mobile Remittance strives to operate under its mission: with AI & fintech, we want to maintain peaceful and sustainable lives for you and your loved ones. In correspondence to its mission, Smiles hopes to continue to reach out to communities that suffer from hardship and natural disasters to make the world a better place to thrive.

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