Smiles starts Donation Program for Cancer Warriors Foundation

This holiday season, Smiles Mobile Remittance, the most popular global mobile money transfer service in Japan, is running a donation program to support children battling cancer by pledging to the Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc. (CWF), a Philippine-based organization that helps children who are fighting cancer. 


The donation program will run from Nov. 1 to Dec. 30, 2022, where one new follower of the Smiles Mobile Family – Philippines Facebook Fanpage will equal one Philippine peso donated to CWF by Smiles.


CFW was established in 1990. They started based on a “promise made by a 19-year-old boy named James, as he himself was battling brain cancer. A promise that every Filipino child, stricken with cancer, especially the poor and disadvantaged, will have an equal chance to conquer cancer and to avail of cancer treatments.”


All donations will help the foundation provide cancer-treating medicine and services to families who can’t afford them. 


According to research done by the University of the Philippines, the World Health Organization said that, in the Philippines, there are approximately 4,700 new cases of children diagnosed with cancer each year. Out of the 4,700, about 1,700 of them die every year from leukemia.


Smiles believes that children are vital to society as they will bring the world innovative and life-changing benefits. In order to help them look forward to a brighter future, Smiles hopes the donation can encourage them to gain confidence and motivation.


Help Smiles donate to the Cancer Warriors Foundation by asking your friends and family to follow the Smiles Mobile Family – Philippines Facebook Fanpage, or become a new follower until Dec. 30, 2022. The more followers Smiles gains, the more love and support Smiles can send to children fighting cancer this holiday season.

To learn more about the program and see how you can help children fight cancer, click here.

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