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SMILES Wallet Cards
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Smiles Mobile Remittance

Wallet Card

See if the FREE Smiles Wallet Card is the right fit for you.
Thẻ nạp tiền Smiles Wallet

Wallet Card

See if the FREE Smiles Wallet Card is the right fit for you.

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Remit in minutes. Instantly get latest rates


  • Quickly and easily deposit money at any Yucho Bank ATM in Japan
  • FREE to order and have it delivered rightto your doorstep within a week


  • Remit up to 100,000 JPY per transaction


  • Your membership must be approved

Remitting Locations

  • At any Japan Post (Yucho) Bank ATMs or counters

ATM Fees

  • Under 50,000 JPY:
    • 125 JPY at ATMs
    • 220 JPY at the bank counter
  • 50,000 – 100,000 JPY:
    • 345 JPY at ATMs
    • 440 JPY at the bank counter

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Smiles Premium

Smiles Link

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Smiles Wallet Card is a Yucho (Japan Post) Bank ATM card used to fund money to your Smiles Wallet. From the Smiles app, once the money is funded to the app’s wallet, a remittance request is created by the remitter to send money to the selected beneficiary from Japan.
This card has a limit of 100,000 JPY per deposit when used for the ATM. Transactions over the limit must be processed via the counter instead. The card number starts with “Smiles”.

A remitter is entitled to one (1) Smiles Wallet Card and five (5) Smiles Link Cards only. If you wish to remit to more than five (5) beneficiaries, you must use the Smiles app to register additional beneficiaries.

If you lost your Smiles Card, provide us your personal details by contacting our customer service at 050-5305-6669, via LINE/Viber at 070-2628-8726, Facebook Messenger: Digital Wallet Philippines, or via the Chat function in the Smiles app.