Part-time Job

Baito (バイト) translated as a “part-time job” from Japanese, is known to be another work opportunity for many foreigners living in Japan. Other than working as a full-time employee, baito can be a way to earn extra income or may be the only opportunity until one finds a full-time career.
Baito in Japan for foreigners can sometimes be a pain to search for, but on the bright side, there are many resources available. One of the more commonly known resources available to foreigners is Hello Work which is free government assistance for job hunting. Another way to find baito opportunities is looking for signs outside of stores that say boshuchu (募集中) which means a place is currently hiring in Japanese. For smartphones, there’s a platform known as LINE Baito where you can search for baito opportunities on the LINE app.
When there are opportunities or locations that may provide useful information about hunting for baito, Smiles Blogs may be the place for you to check out.