Shopping in Japan can be done in a variety of ways. Going physically to stores is inevitably one way, but Japan also offers numerous ways to shop online.
Online shopping in Japan mainly takes place on Rakuten and Amazon JP. Amazon shopping is more of a ubiquitous platform, but Rakuten shopping is slowly spreading throughout the globe. Rakuten was found in Tokyo, Japan in 1997 and since then, it has grown not only in the online shopping industry but also in the smartphone area. Known as Rakuten Mobile, it’s still getting its feet wet as it was founded in early 2018.
Furthermore, shopping in Japan is a unique experience. It presents omotenashi, which is Japanese hospitality known to be used more in restaurants and stores. Every experience, including shopping in Japan is always taken to the next level even if you’re just getting a cup of tea at a cafe or looking for a T-shirt.
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