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For security purposes, Smiles APP has a rule of having one log-in account for one mobile device.
You can, however, switch device following the steps below:
1) Install Smiles APP to your new mobile device.
2) Tap [ Login ] under ‘Already have a Smiles account?’ and log-in with your registered log-in account. The dialog appears asking for the confirmation code.
3) The code begin with ‘C-‘ is sent to your registered e-mail address. Input the 6 digits part of the code to the input form of the APP.
Note : After the completion of device switching, you can no longer log-in with your old device.

For security purposes, Smile APP has a rule of having one login account for one mobile device.

Invitation code is a set of numbers provided which can be entered when you first log-in to Smiles APP. The code might be given by friends or Smiles Agents. Entering the code is not mandatory.

Smiles Cards

Smiles Wallet Card can only be used thru Yucho Bank (Japan Post Bank) ATM machine. By using it, you save time by skipping the entering of payee bank account number and your PIN and there is no need to report your deposit to Smiles APP.

You can order Smiles Wallet Card via Smiles APP from [ Menu ] > [ Smiles Wallet Card ].


If you deposit without using Smiles Wallet Card, it may take a day or more (during holidays) until funding is completed. You can always confirm the deposit made thru the APP by choosing [ Remit/Pay ] > [ Deposit ] > [ MUST REPORT DEPOSIT! ].

You have to inform us thru the APP about the deposit made by choosing [ Remit/Pay ] > [ Deposit ] > [ MUST REPORT DEPOSIT! ].


Using Smiles APP by both is recommended but not mandatory. You can enter the required information of your beneficiary and send money by choosing [ Remit/Pay ]. If cash pick-up, please share transaction reference number to your beneficiary when the transaction status has turned to ‘Ready for cash pick-up’.

If the transaction status has turned to ‘Ready for cash pick-up’, you can confirm the number at the appropriate screen of transaction; and, you can open from [ Remit/Pay ] > [ Transactions ].

If your remittance request is done between 6:00pm until 7:30pm JST, during normal weekdays, or between 4:00pm to 5:30pm, during weekends or during non-working holidays, the status will be `Delivering` because of the system maintenance of our distribution partner in the Philippines. After the completion of the said maintenance, the Transaction Reference Number will be available in the APP. Thank you for your understanding.

‘Delivered’ means the remittance was sent to Distribution Partner for delivery to beneficiary’s bank for subsequent crediting.

If the bank account in Philippines is with DBP, remittance is credited to beneficiary’s account within one to two hours.
If the bank account is with other banks, remittance is credited to beneficiary’s account, as follows:

  • Within 24 hours – if remittance is sent before 2:00pm from Monday to Friday
  • Within 48 hours – if remittance is sent after 2:00pm from Monday to Thursday
  • One day after Next banking day – if remittance is sent after 2:00pm on Friday and weekend and holidays in Japan and destination country

RIA Remit is for person to person or individual to individual remittance service only. Therefore, sending money to a corporate bank account is not allowed.

Smiles Link (SMLINK) Card is a Japan Post Bank ATM remittance card, which is directly designated to a specific beneficiary where money deposited to it is directly delivered to the designated beneficiary. Preferable to use by customer who sends money regularly to the same person. The card number starts with ‘SMLINK’.

1) Visit ATM of ‘ゆうちょ銀行’ (Yucho Bank/JP Bank).
Note : Please use ATM with Japanese (日本語) language settings. English settings cannot process the transaction with the Card.
2) Select ‘ご送金’.
3) Select ‘払込専用カード’.
4) Insert your Smiles Link Card to ATM.
5) Press ‘確認’.
6) Enter the total amount you will deposit.
7) Insert paper currency bill which exactly same or exceed the amount you input at previous screen.
8) Press ‘確認’ to confirm the amount.
9) Your deposit transaction is completed. Please receive change if you insert more cash than deposit amount.
10) Remittance fee is deducted from the deposit amount. The remaining amount will be calculated by exchange rate and transferred to your destination.


Select [ Menu ] > [ Connections ]. You can search by name or e-mail.
1) Open [ Menu ] > [ Account Manager ]
2) Select [ Profile ].
3) Select [ Hidden ].

It is only possible if you change your profile settings from ‘Hidden’ to ‘Searchable’.

Smiles is a registered money service business of Digital Wallet Corporation; which, is licensed by the Japan Payment Association Kanto Finance Legal Bureau as a Non-bank Money Service Business with license number 00044.

It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) x FinTech. Digital Wallet’s SMILES remittance and payment service provides an advanced way of sending money instantly to your loved ones. We offer a do-it-yourself system using your mobile phone. You can send money anytime, anywhere at high exchange rates, low remittance fee, with 15-minute-cash-pick-up service and within the day credit-to-bank accounts. Moreover, you get loyalty points from every remittance transaction. It is now time to use a remittance center thru your mobile phone.

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