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sổ/thẻ ngân hàng chính chủ

Smiles khuyên dùng tài khoản Yucho (nếu có).Đây là cách nạp tiền được ưa thích nhất.

Thẻ Smiles WALLET

Thẻ nạp tiền do chính Smiles phát hành. Sử dụng tại ATM/Quầy Yucho. Đây là cách nạp tiền tiện lợi nhất.

Online banking

Smiles khuyên dùng tài khoản Yucho Direct. Đây là cách nạp tiền nhanh chóng và tiết kiệm nhất.


Giao dịch tại quầy với nhân viên ngân hàng.

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Thẻ Smiles

Tori using app remittance service

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Important information to know

Smiles is a registered money service business of Digital Wallet Corporation, which is licensed by the Japan Payment Association Kanto Finance Legal Bureau as a Non-bank Money Service Business with license number 00044.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) x FinTech, Digital Wallet’s SMILES remittance and payment service a new way of sending money instantly to your loved ones in a do-it-yourself system using your mobile phone. You can send money anytime from anywhere at high exchange rates, low remittance fee, in 15-minutes cash pick-up service, within the day credit to bank accounts. Moreover, you get loyalty points from every remittance transaction. Finally, your remittance center is now in your mobile phone.

Headquarters: 1 Chome-15-12 Kudankita, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 102-0073

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