Thông điệp từ lãnh đạo

Smiles Founder & CEO

Our mission

We are a digital wallet-platform-company aiming for an ultimate cashless society thru e-money, AI, big data and mobile technology.

Our team consists of various professionals who have realized mobile e-money, virtual currency, global digital service of Sony group, remittance service, etc.

With such talents, our desire is to provide IT services supporting and enriching our daily lives for many decades on this planet.

The Fintech, of our company, is not only a pure financial technology, but it also envisions in delivering warm connections among family members and friends. There is always a story behind the sending of money to families; there are various backgrounds, dramas, wishes, and gratitudes involved. Remittance service forms part of our Fintech, and we are keen to deliver heart-warming emotions and appreciations together. This serves as our strong motivation to offer mobile-centric remittance service for global citizens living apart from family and friends.

Another utmost purpose for implementing this company is to establish a place where team members can thoroughly enjoy the respective times of their lives. At this point, we already have members comfortably living varied lifestyles; for instance, having kids, family in different countries, taking care of parents, etc. It is with anticipation and expectancy that all of us can maximize success in professional achievement and joy in personal life as well. As the saying goes, ‘Life is short’, we, therefore, aspire to make it beautiful and worth living. This is the fundamental principle of our company.

By Eiji Miyakawa, Founder/CEO