10 Reasons Why We Are No.1

We bring Smiles across the Miles.
Smiles Remittance App

Honest Rate

What you see is what you get. The rate is shown in the Smiles App when you order your remittance, and it is used to send your money.

Affordable Fee

No hidden costs. Our fees are economical with all the exchange rates displayed in our site and Smiles remittance app.

Very Helpful Customer Support

No worries! Our customer support teams is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Certificate of Remittance

Applying for a tax refund? No hassle. Your certificate of remittance will be available as soon as you send your funds. It can be officially used for Japanese tax refund application.

Rapid Service

Transaction reference numbers are instantly available in minutes from your Smiles remittance app. Money is delivered to your beneficiary in minutes.

Wide-range of Remittance Cards

To deposit money, our customer can order Smiles Wallet card, Smiles Link card, and AEON Bank ATM card from the remit app, Of course, Japan Post Bank ATM card can also be used to deposit to Smile's remit wallet accounts.

Built-in Loyalty Points System

You earn points upon successful registration, every remittance and every shokai or friend you introduce to use Smiles remit app. Points are usable to pay for remittance fee and saves you money.

Highly safe and secured systems

Our team of 50 engineers are the foundation that led us to be a Fintech company that employs the latest IT technologies, such as robotics, AI, digital wallet, and encrypted remit transaction.

In-house Development

Through in-house development, we can bring you a continues improvement. Whether it is your privacy, remittance experience, or your app use, we guarantee a pleasant remit transaction.

All for you/your families/countries

The purpose of our digital service is to enable international citizens to send hope and happiness to their beneficiaries and homeland. Sending money is an expression of love that symbolizes the commitment to one’s family and country. With the use of the latest digital technologies and solutions, we can provide the most convenient, bang for the bucks and efficient mobile remittance service to our customers and their beneficiaries.

We are also delighted for the opportunity to contribute to the national development of our member’s homeland. Through our overseas partners, we are glad for the opportunity to participate in the global initiatives to support the health workers’ fight against Covid-19. We have also launched our post-COVID projects for the welfare of our members and their countries.

Smiles Remittance Board of Director