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Yen to PHP is a real-time exchange rate simulator that develops by Smiles Remittance. From now on, everyone, especially Fillipino, can remit money to their home country easy with honest exchange rate.

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Using Smiles APP by both is recommended but not mandatory. You can enter the required information of your beneficiary and send money by choosing [ Remit/Pay ]. If cash pick-up, please share transaction reference number to your beneficiary when the transaction status has turned to ‘Ready for cash pick-up’.

If the transaction status has turned to ‘Ready for cash pick-up’, you can confirm the number at the appropriate screen of transaction; and, you can open from [ Remit/Pay ] > [ Transactions ].

If your remittance request is done between 6:00pm until 7:30pm JST, during normal weekdays, or between 4:00pm to 5:30pm, during weekends or during non-working holidays, the status will be `Delivering` because of the system maintenance of our distribution partner in the Philippines. After the completion of the said maintenance, the Transaction Reference Number will be available in the APP. Thank you for your understanding.

RIA Remit is for person to person or individual to individual remittance service only. Therefore, sending money to a corporate bank account is not allowed.

No, you are not allowed to use a company or organization’s bank acount to deposit to your app wallet.


Yen to PHP is updated by a real time simulator which is developed by Smiles Remittance. You can check the exchange rate from YEN to PHP matched with the market, as well as remittance fees.

The exchange rate from Yen to Peso is applied at the time that we receive the order of transaction from you on the SMILES app. The entire Yen to Peso rate is calculated by a computer processing system, and will be converted to the recipient’s local rate at the time of credit confirmation.

In case the recipient does not complete the procedure within 45 days from the date of the transaction, the system will convert it at the latest Yen to Peso exchange rate.

YEN - ¥ (sen)

Japanese Yen is one of the oldest currencies in the world which has become Japanese currency since 27 June 1871. Nowaday, the popular unit of 10,000 Yen is called 1 Man, and you can say 1 sen instead of 1000 Yen.

  • There are 6 coins denominations for Japanese Yen: ¥ 1, ¥ 5, ¥ 10, ¥ 50, ¥ 100 and ¥ 500.
  • 4 banknote denominations frequently used: ¥1000, ¥5000, ¥10000, and rarely used: ¥2000

This Yen to PHP page continuously updates web rates, exact exchange rates for buying, selling, transferring Japanese Yen (JPY) accounts from major banks that support Japanese Yen (JPY) transactions. We offer Japanese Yen (JPY) converter tools to convert Japanese Yen (JPY) to other currencies.