Remittance Fees

Remittance Fee

We want to make sure you can support your loved ones when you send money from Singapore with Smiles, so we’ve set a low transfer fee.

Fee table

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This is a one-time transaction fee based on the remittance method you choose and the amount you want to transfer. No other hidden fees will be charged.

First load of the month FREE * Second load of the month
1 CAD loading fee
Current rate

This is the current exchange rate at the moment. Please note that the rate can change at the time you make a complete remittance due to the market.


These are the number of Smiles Loyalty Points you will be able to earn, based on the remittance method and amount you plan to transfer.

Total cost

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No. Smiles promises to be fully transparent when it comes to fees.

Smiles offers a loyalty points program that allows you to earn and win points and use them to cover a portion of all of your fees.

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When you're inserting the information for your remittance, there will be a designated box for you to enter the amount of points you want to use towards your transaction. Points cover the fees that will automatically be calculated into your remittance.

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