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#Low fees



#Low fees



mobile money transfer service in Japan.

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This is a one-time transaction fee based on the remittance method you choose and the amount you want to transfer. No other hidden fees will be charged.

First load of the month FREE * Second load of the month
1 CAD loading fee
Current rate

This is the current exchange rate at the moment. Please note that the rate can change at the time you make a complete remittance due to the market.


These are the number of Smiles Loyalty Points you will be able to earn, based on the remittance method and amount you plan to transfer.

Total cost

Send money with SMILES

Only with your smartphone

Send money from Canada anytime, anywhere with your smartphone. Remitting overseas has been made easier!

With speed & affordability

Complete your remittance from zero to fifteen minutes. Also, save money with our high exchange rates and low fees.

With secure & easy eKYC

Register with our unique and secure eKYC system. We are the FIRST to implement it in Japan because we want to make sure you can remit safely.
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Remit in 3 easy steps

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Create a Smiles account and register in minutes.

tori remit


Load money in your Smiles Wallet on the Smiles app.

tori deposit


Send money from Canada with the app. It's easy and fast!

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We received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD

We are the FIRST and ONLY remittance app to be granted the Good Design Award 2021 in Japan.

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Our mission

With AI & fintech, we want to maintain peaceful and sustainable lives for you and your loved ones.
We understand what it's like to support your loved ones who are far away from you. It requires a lot of hard work.
If you remit with Smiles today, we will make sure you can send money with affordability and convenience. You deserve to save as much as you can and send as much as you can.
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We're loved by our Smilers!

Your remittances are well taken care of!

-Melton Estrao

With Smiles you can assure that your remittances are safe. By far this is the most convenient way to send money to Philippines among any other remittances I had, and with their high conversion rate, surely it make you smile. ☺


Smiles is reliable and easy to handle!

-Eden Tabot Raymundo

They have high rate, very convenient, provide quality service and you can receive points in every action using Smiles transfer


The best international Money transfer service!!

-Belen Molina Furuta

High exchange rate, easy to use, mobile convenience, 24/7 available. Customer support is very helpful. My beneficiary receives my remittance in minutes. It is instantly available in the App. Highly recommended!

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