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Anti-Money Laundering

Digital Wallet shall thoroughly operate according to the “basic policy for anti-social forces” as stipulated below; hence, to ensure social order and safety.

The Services

Digital Wallet is prohibited from trading with specific countries, organizations and individuals in accordance with the “Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds” in Japan and various other applicable laws. In addition, we shall not conduct any transaction with those listed under anti-social forces; thereby, not responding at all to violent demands and unreasonable demands from anti-social forces which are beyond legal liability. Digital Wallet shall review all transactions against the list of anti-social forces and any other list offered by the government in the countries and regions where we transact business. In the event of finding a transaction that matches the list, we shall request the customer to additionally verify the identity confirmation documents and any other information/documents deemed necessary. As a result, with respect to such delay or discontinuation of service provision, the customer can not give any objection to Digital Wallet; therefore, can not claim damages or any other claims.

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