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Smiles Benefits

Here’s why you should send money with Smiles.

We are the
service used to send money overseas from Japan
Low fee!
Fast delivery!
Easy to use!
High rates!

Why we're

NO. 1

Register online

Simply download the app and register with our one-of-a-kind and first eKYC* system.

*A secure registration system

Go paperless

All personal info is submitted through the app and quickly processed by AI.


Send conveniently

No need to visit the counter and no need to wait in line. Just transfer your money anywhere you are, at any time of the day.


High rates, low fee

Smiles offers high rates and a low transfer fee. We make sure you can support your loved ones as much as you can.

Fast delivery

Your beneficiary can receive their money within fifteen minutes. Sometimes even less than a minute.


Save with points

We offer a loyalty points program where you can earn points every time you send and use them to cover your fee.

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Change your lifestyle with Smiles

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To register with Smiles, you will need:

  • A valid email
  • Valid Japan ID document such as residence card (if you are non-Japanese) or valid Japanese driver's license (if you are Japanese).

The following IDs are accepted:

  • For foreigners: valid residence card
  • For Japanese nationals: valid Japanese driver’s license, valid passport or valid MyNumber Card

*For diplomats and officials with diplomatic passport: valid passport

To remit using the Smiles app, please follow the instructions below:

See the guidelines

See more FAQs
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