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Financial fraud is surrounding YOU

Financial Fraud, Smiles

Do you know you are surrounded by Financial fraud? Based on our experience and investigation, Smiles Mobile Remittance Service figures out how criminals scam you and steal your money and information.
The list below shows what happens in each situation. 

Popular consumer scams ever

So-called “Ore Ore” telephone calls

The fraud method is so simple. A phone call “Hi, it’s me, listen, I’m in trouble, I need money, I was in an accident, I’m sick, I’m being shaken down by gangsters, I stole some money from my company and if I don’t pay it back soon… mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, help, send money, hurry, please, my account number is…”

It seems difficult to scam people by this way as it’s been around for 10 years at least, and with police, banks, municipalities, and various other concerned organizations issuing frequent warnings, not to mention relentless media coverage, everyone is wise to it by now and no one’s fooled. However, it works effectively until now.

The tip from us is getting calm and call back your relative’s phone number, not the number that called you to check or even make a video call to know exactly what is happening. Please bear in mind that do not send money if you are not sure about the transaction.

Smiles, Financial Fraud

  • You got a call from a kidnapper to ask for a ransom, “We are having your child. Transfer 1 billion Yen now to bank account number xxx”
  • An automatic message to tell that your child is in an urgent situation and need money to operate surgery now.

A free “lunch”

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. 

This is the most common type that occurs not only in Japan but also around the world, and the number of victims is increasing year by year despite dire warnings. If a free lunch comes to you; for example, a nonsensically cheap deal on the internet, it should be considered a scam.  

Therefore, please double-check and rethink twice when deciding remitting money; or to be the safest, do not send money to someone who you have not met before.

  • You receive a text or an email from an abroad company or organization saying “Congratulations, you have a gift sent from your acquaintance” and are required to send money as a deposit, guarantee, or tax payment.
  • Again, a message sent to you from a “governmental official” says that he/she would like to remit money to your bank account from overseas.
  • Not a ”free lunch” but it seems nonsense with an offer for a limited edition of a luxury product and payment is accepted only through Remittance Service like Smiles Mobile Remittance.

Send money to strangers

Keep in mind that money that is successfully delivered is impossible to recover or refund. However, when it comes to Smiles Mobile Remittance, you are required to register your beneficiaries’ information in order to avoid any scam or error. 

Please send money ONLY to people you already know. Any money received by a stranger cannot be recovered and unfortunately, you won’t get a refund.

Send money to strangers

  • Paying a stranger what you are required but you are not sure you have any transactions.
  • Paying for a counterfeit service or goods on a non-existing website.

Protect yourself from fraud

Almost all financial frauds start with contact from a stranger. Protect yourself from bank transfer fraud. Never transfer money to someone you don’t know. Never.

Most financial frauds succeed when you are nervous or over-excited. To protect yourself from scams and never give your money to anybody you don’t know.

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