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Payment system for hospitals in Japan


Hi Smiles friends! Welcome back to our Japan 101 series. Today we are going to share about payment system for hospitals in Japan.

Most of hospitals in Japan accept Japan National Health Insurance. However, if you cannot show them the National Health Insurance card, you will be considered not having the insurance. So, it is very important to make sure you have it with you every time. As you might be already familiar with it, Japan National Health Insurance will only cover 70 per cent of hospital cost. It means that the rest; 30 per cent, you must pay it by your own. Also, if you own private health insurance, you might want to make sure first on how you can get it with the company. How is the payment system for hospitals in Japan? Is it different or the same with other countries? Here, we would like to share the payment system of Tokyo University Hosiptal and Osaka University Hospital.


Payment Method​

There are several payment methods you can use to pay hospital bills in Japan. The most common one is using cash. As you pay your bill in a hospital in Japan, so no foreign currencies are accepted; only Japanese Yen. Another one is payment using credit card. In both Tokyo University Hospital and Osaka University Hospital, you can pay with your VISA /MasterCard /DC /JCB /American Express /Diners Card, and in Osaka University Hospital you can also use UFJ /Nicos card. Credit card payment only allows a single installment payment. Also, 4 digits PIN number is required. Payment using bank transfer is also posible in Tokyo University Hospital. However, you should pay attention to these points:

  • You must request a bank transfer form.
  • Wire money only in Japanese yen.
  • Bank remit charges is at your own responsibility.

In Osaka University Hospital, not only payment by cash and credit card, payment by debit card is also available. But, please be aware that the allowable times of day for its use differ on each bank. 

Hopefully this artile can help our Smiles friends. Visit our page to see more about Healthcare in Japan and other blogs about Japan. Thank you for reading!

The University of Tokyo Hospital
Osaka University Hospital

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