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FAQs: Refer a friend

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A Smiles customer must share their referral code or QR code to their "friend".

Referral points are then earned when the referred person :

  1. Registers an account on the Smiles app
  2. Remits for the first time using the Smiles app

Once the transaction has been processed successfully, the invitee will immediately receive 500 points.

You can see your referral code as following steps.

  1. Tap "Menu" tab located at the bottom of the Smiles app home screen.
  2. Tap "QR code" on the top right side.

To use a referral code during registration on the Smiles app, the invitee must scan the qr code or enter the referral code from the person who referred them.

This prompt will appear upon opening the Smiles app before registration. After scanning the QR code or entering the referral code, the invitee can proceed with the registration process.


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