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Enhancing trust: How safe is Smiles Mobile Remittance?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, several companies in Japan emerged to develop or improve mobile applications that would enable their consumers to continue utilizing their services without the need to physically visit their stores or offices. One of the most notable services that surfaced following this development was Smiles Mobile Remittance, known as Japan’s most popular money transfer mobile application service developed by Digital Wallet Corporation.

While many remittance services still required their consumers to visit their offices when sending money to their loved ones in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, Smiles devised a new approach to let its consumers process cross-border payments with only their smartphones.

However, because the service is smartphone-based and zero physical interaction is required to finalize money transfers, some individuals may be skeptical about its safety, especially those accustomed to the traditional method of sending money.

In this article, we will delve into the facts as to why Smiles Mobile Remittance is considered the safest and the most trusted money transfer service in Japan.

Smiles has an in-house tech team

Smiles Mobile Remittance strives to effectively serve its customers, which is why it employs an in-house tech team dedicated to swiftly resolving any unexpected technical issues. This approach ensures that the quality of work remains consistently high and keeps pace with technological advancements.

Similar to its pioneer tech team, who were former heads of Sony, Smiles makes sure that it provides rigorous training and assessment to its employees so that they are equipped with the right knowledge in their respective fields. In this way, no matter what the technical question might be, its customers are always provided with the accurate information that they need to settle their concerns.

Smiles requires multi-layered identity authentication

Smiles Mobile Remittance guarantees that its customers don’t experience cyber threats and fraudulent transactions by implementing a multi-layered identity authentication in its system. This systematic approach maintains the security of each account and instantly disables unauthorized individuals from accessing them.

All users are required to set their own passcode and undergo biometric authentication to validate their identity.

This system ensures that funds deposited into a user’s account are safely protected and can only be accessed by the actual owner.

All Smiles accounts are system-encrypted

To prevent data breaches and ensure that all stored information is only accessible to its owner, Smiles Mobile Remittance safeguards them through system encryption. This simply means that unauthorized individuals or groups are unable to access a user’s account and biometric data, unless the actual owner allows them to.

Smiles conducts periodic system updates

Smiles Mobile Remittance emphasizes the importance of account security, which is why it periodically conducts system updates to prevent security and technical issues, as well as improve its compatibility features to allow its users to have a hassle-free experience when they’re navigating through the Smiles app.

Relative to this, when releasing a new feature or function on the Smiles app, the team does several checks to ensure that everything is in order, and to guarantee the protection of all stored data and information in the database.

The team also makes sure that its customers are well aware of these upcoming system updates by providing the necessary notice on the app.

Ultimately, Smiles Mobile Remittance guarantees the safety of all the information stored in its database and the funds deposited into users’ accounts by making sure that it conducts rigorous account monitoring. Furthermore, it employs a multi=layered identity authentication system to prevent hackers from  accessing user accounts.

Smiles Mobile Remittance’s ability to conduct several checks, updates, and account monitoring is made possible by its in-house tech team, consisting of experienced IT professionals.

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