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The Meetup App: Keeping the “Social” in Social Distancing in Japan


As a result of the current pandemic, social interactions decreased, which caused people to interact on a smaller scale. It’s inevitable that masses of people around the globe are suffering loneliness, boredom and even mental illnesses due to lack of socializing. If you recently have been in a state where you’re ready to interact and you miss that social part of your life, the Meetup app is for you. Join groups and attend events where you can share your interest and meet new people online or in person.

Now, feel free to buckle up and keep reading as we will introduce to you Meetup, explain how to “enjoy the ride”, suggest groups by location, and list five popular online events to participate in while taking social distancing measures in Japan.

5 Reasons Why Meetup is for You

1. Meetup is a global and FREE application

A great feature of the Meetup app is that you can download it onto your phone and register for free. No subscriptions. Plus, not only can you use it in Japan to meet new people and socialize, but you can utilize it all over the world.

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2. Meet people who share the same interests as you on Meetup

Meetup has organized all of its events into categories. Each category highlights a hobby or certain interest like food, venturing outdoors, crafts, photography, family-friendly outings, and music. You are able to browse up to 24 categories, so choose one and see who else would love to share that hobby or interest with you.

3. Meet people in person or online in Japan or anywhere on Meetup

If you’re someone who would rather meet people online rather than in person, there’s no need to worry. Meetup has online events available for anyone. Just make sure to read the event details to see where it takes place.

4. Join groups on Meetup that spark your interest, even exchange languages

As mentioned before, there are up to 24 categories of hobbies and interests to browse through. You can even participate in events where you can exchange languages. If you’re currently living in Japan and looking for someone to teach you Japanese and may want to learn your native language, the Meetup app may be the place for you to look. Additionally, if there is a certain event hosted by a group that you’ve participated in and enjoyed, you are able to join that group to receive notifications when they make announcements such as canceling, rescheduling or opening new events.

5. Start your own Meetup group and host Meetup events in Japan

Not only can you participate in events, but you can also host your own group and events. There are no hidden fees or special costs associated with hosting an event. It’s all up to you. You can control where your event takes place, limit the number of participants, etc. Personalize, prepare and party for free.

Still not convinced that Meetup doesn’t quite fit your pandemic needs? Well do not worry as we have found five categories of online events on the Meetup site to keep you company at home during the pandemic:

  1. Make new friends 
  2. Make time to meditate 
  3. Perfect your photography skills 
  4. Speak a new language 
  5. Expand your network

So is Meetup for you? Easily spice up your life with their app by…

  • Downloading their app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Signing up on the app or online here
  • Finding events and joining groups that suit you

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Oh, and lookie here! You can find popular groups based on the locations displayed below:

Happy meeting from Smiles!

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