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Return of the 1 Million Smiles Christmas Program


The 1 Million Smiles Program returns this holiday season from September 16 to December 25, 2022!


Smiles Mobile Remittance is elated to bring the program back to life again this year, as the service wants to stay true to its mission: to maintain peaceful and sustainable lives for you and your loved ones. Year 1 was such a success with many families highly grateful for the donations, Smiles is happy to do it again with its loyal customers. 


“Thank you very much, Smiles Mobile Remittance and to all OFWs who are willing to help,” said one of the recipients from Year 1. 


Year 2’s theme is “Share Our Smiles”. Smiles hopes to collaborate with fellow Smilers and the OFW community to share and spread smiles across the miles. 


Similar to last year’s program, 100 days of Christmas will be celebrated by selecting Smiles Global Ambassadors (loyal customers) as donors from all over Japan, Singapore, and Canada to represent Smiles Mobile Remittance and Digital Wallet Corporation and to donate early Christmas food packages (Ayuda) to 100 selected families.


Donations will be sent directly to impoverished families in the Philippines each day. In the end, we will have donated 100 care packages for 100 families for 100 days, which will equal one million (100 x 100 x 100).


The Smiles Mobile Remittance Philippines Team will take photos and videos of the recipients and share them with the Smilers community through the Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, and website.


After observing the program’s success last year and gaining interest from the audience this year, Smiles plans to hold this annually.


“Our ultimate goal is to create a better and peaceful society for people all over the globe,” says Smiles Mobile Remittance CEO and Founder Eiji Miyakawa, “so we’re very excited to hold the program again to fulfill our mission with our users.”

To watch the sneak peek video for Year 2, click here.

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