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Where to find sneaker news in Japan

Where to find sneaker news in Japan

Hello Smilers!  If you have yet to learn, sneakers and streetwear culture is huge in Japan. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Supreme have various stores all over Japan. Have you ever wanted something from these brands but when you go to the store it is sold out?


Famous sneaker and streetwear brands apparently have limited releases for certain items and you have to line up to purchase them. Sometimes the store will announce the details for you to queue up or sign up. If you miss the information or would like to know where you can find all the sneaker news in one place, I am here to introduce you to a few pages where you can find sneaker news and streetwear-related news.

Table of contents

1. Sneakerwars

sneaker wars

Source: https://www.facebook.com/sneakerwars.jp

Sneakerwars was the first blog that I refer to when finding sneaker news. They are always up to date with upcoming sneakers and they also have leaks and rumors about sneakers. The article is in Japanese but if you are only looking for the release date, you can easily find it in the article. 


If you are looking for where you can sign up and how to do it, you can scroll down and at the end of every article on upcoming sneakers, there will be links where you can purchase or sign up for them online or offline. 

2. God meets fashion

god meets fashion

Source: https://godmeetsfashion.com/

Unlike Sneakerwars, the god meets fashion site offers not only sneaker news but also streetwear-related news. They are very updated about all the upcoming releases and they also provide links on where to sign up or line up for particular sneakers or streetwear-related items.

3. Snkrdunk


Source: https://snkrdunk.com/

While Sneakerwars offers sneaker news and God meets fashion offers sneaker news and news on streetwear-related items, Snkrdunks provides both and you can buy the item from Snkrdunk. Snkrdunk also has a community space where you can interact with other sneaker enthusiasts.

You can share your opinions on a particular sneaker, post pictures like and comment on the thread and be part of the community. You can also purchase the sneakers that you want there and Snkrdunk will make sure that the item you purchased is legitimate. 

You can also buy trading cards, streetwear accessories, used sneakers and used clothing in the app.

All 3 sites are in Japanese but with google translate, you can easily translate the information into your desired language and you will find out the information that you need. There are more places for you to find sneaker news but these 3 websites are my go-to when I am interested in certain shoes. 


We hope that this article will help you get the sneaker that you want and keep Smiling!

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