“Share our Smiles”, 1 Million Smiles Program Year 2

The 1 Million Smiles Program Year 2 has begun and Smiles Mobile Remittance is piping with Christmas cheer to this year’s program slogan: “Share our Smiles”.


The 1 Million Smiles Program started in 2021. Smiles teamed with its customers to help donate food packages to 100 impoverished families in the Philippines during 100 days of Christmas.


The mission of Smiles is to maintain peaceful and sustainable lives for you and your loved ones. In other words, we want to make sure that our customers (mainly overseas workers who send money to support their families) are provided a service that allows them to be financially stable and happy.

1 million smiles year 2

In relation to the mission, the 1 Million Smiles Program strives to help hardworking and struggling families so they can enjoy the holidays with their loved ones and feel at peace. 


So, how does all this relate to “Share our Smiles”, you ask? 


Remitting and donating are both different forms of sharing. As this is a joint action between Smiles and the customers, we used “our”. The word “Smiles” in the slogan is a combination of the service itself, our hearts and the efforts that our customers have made to help their community strengthen emotionally and financially.


Year 1 was such a success, and we can’t wait to see more families glow with happiness this holiday season.

To learn more about the 1 Million Smiles Program, click here.

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