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How to earn and use Smiles Points?

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Good news! Smiles is now providing zero remittance fees for its users in Singapore when they remit to their loved ones to the Philippines and Indonesia, through Smiles Points!

Starting February 2023, Smiles gives out points for all its users, which they can use to pay for their remittance expenses. For instance, rather than paying S$5, remitters can instead use their 500 points in exchange.

What is a Smiles point’s equivalent in Singaporean dollars?

100 Points is equal to S$1. It follows that if you have 500 Points, you have S$5 in your account, which you can use for your next remittance transaction.

How to earn Smiles Points?

1.By registration – Download and register with the Smiles Mobile Remittance app and earn 100 Points! 

register and get points

2. By completing FIRST remittance transaction – After the user completes his/her first remittance transaction with Smiles, the said user will be entitled to receive 500 Points! 

register and get points

3. By sharing one’s Smiles QR code to one’s friends – When the user already has an active Smiles account, a QR code will also be automatically issued under one’s account.

For the user to earn another 500 Point, the said user must share his/her Smiles QR code to his/her friends, who is also working and residing in Singapore. Subsequently, the user’s friend must complete his/her first remittance transaction.  

After the user’s friend completes his/her first remittance transaction, the user will automatically receive 500 points  and the user’s friend, who is now a Smiles’ member, will receive a separate 500 Points for completing his/her remittance transaction.

QR code referral

What is the benefit of using Smiles Points?

By using Smiles Points, your remittance fee will be lessened or even zeroed out!

Partnered with Smiles Everyday Great Rate! you will surely enjoy remitting BIG to your loved ones in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Register and Remit using the Smiles Mobile Remittance App now, and enjoy its perks and advantages, especially made for you!     

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