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Top 5 reasons why You should start remitting with Smiles Mobile Remittance


As an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Singapore, your main goal may be to invest for your future and, at the same time, support your family back home financially. Even if your family members don’t necessarily need the money, you still feel a strong cultural obligation to help them. 

Smiles Mobile Remittance, known as the most popular mobile money transfer service in Japan, understands that when you send money to your loved ones, you constantly search for the most efficient way to send your hard-earned money.

In this article, we list down the reasons why Smiles Mobile Remittance is the best fit for you when it comes to remitting to your loved ones in the Philippines.

Send withEveryday Great Rates

Smiles banners itself with this tagline, striving to provide the highest daily exchange rates  sending from Singapore to the Philippines. Along with the service’s  affordable remittance fees, Smiles makes sure that your loved ones are able to benefit and enjoy your hard-earned money.

Use the new Bills Payment feature

Bills Payment is the newest addition to Smiles’ well-improved app that achieves to offer a more convenient and quicker process to all of its customers in Singapore. This feature offers the easiest way for Filipinos in Singapore to pay their investments, loans, bills and utilities in the Philippines. You can also pay off your Pag-IBIG and SSS loans and contributions directly from your Smiles app. There is no need to physically visit Lucky Plaza.

Contact our 24/7 and multilingual customer service

Whether day or night, you can always depend on Smiles Mobile Remittance Customer Service Team to check on your transactions around the clock. On top that, the Team offers multilingual support so they can  provide a more efficient way of dealing with your immediate concerns in English, Tagalog or even Vietnamese. You can simply message the Team anytime  on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or via the in-app Tori Chat messaging feature. If you want to discuss your inquiry in person, feel free to visit the Smiles Studio located at the Lucky Plaza.

It’s made in Japan

The Filipino community adores Japan-made products because of their state-of-the-art functionality, experience and quality.

This fact remains true for Smiles Mobile Remittance, as apart from it being Made in Japan along with other big and well-established companies in Japan, it has received the Good Design Award in 2021 for its outstanding look and excellent functionality. It has also been ranked as the number one mobile money transfer service in Japan by Filipinos.

Safe, fast, and secure high-tech service

If you want to experience a real-time money transfer service with secured transactions, Smiles just happens to have it all. In addition to its new Bills Payment feature, Smiles has recently partnered with DBS to enable real-time processing for all deposits. Transactions are instantly received in the Philippines within a few minutes. 

Smiles also ensures that all transactions are safe, from registering to completing a remittance, which are constantly monitored by the in-house tech team.

To sum it all up, Smiles Mobile Remittance works hard to make sure that its customers can improve their lifestyles when it comes to sending money overseas. 

It offers daily high exchange rates, 24/7 and multilingual customer service, and new and improved high-tech features, such as Bills Payment and quicker deposits in collaboration with DBS. Smiles also proudly provides state-of-the-art quality and excellent functionality, allowing it to provide a better, safer and faster service to all the Filipinos in Singapore.

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