10 Popular Japanese Ice Cream Treats you Have to Try

japanese ice cream treats

If you have a sweet tooth for Japanese ice cream, this is the place for you to discover the well-known frozen treats sold at almost every convenience store and supermarket. Japanese ice cream comes in many textures and flavors to give you an adventure. They are all affordable and easy to find. We know Japan’s summer heat is still going, so to cool yourself down and treat yourself, take a look below and try one.

10 Popular Japanese Ice Cream Treats you Have to Try

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1. Papico ice cream (パピコ)

Produced by Glico, Papico comes in the shape of two mini bottles that you have to pull apart. You then detach the top part of each of the bottle-shaped plastic and you slurp. As the Japanese ice cream thaws, it gradually becomes a shake. Papico’s flavors usually come in chocolate coffee, white sour and grape. Throughout the year, you may see them in seasonal, limited-edition flavors such as white peach, mascot grape, etc.

2. Jumbo ice cream (ジャンボ)

If you’re craving a crispy waffle on the outside, thin and crunchy milk chocolate layer underneath, soft vanilla ice cream under that, and another layer of milk chocolate in the center, Jumbo is for you. Morinaga’s creation goes back to the 1970s. The ingredients and make for the Japanese ice cream were similar but it was named Choco Monaka at that time. Eventually, Jumbo was born in 1996.

3. Aisunomi ice cream (アイスの実)

Aisunomi is more of a frozen treat than ice cream. Known to be another one of Glico’s creations, Aisunomi looks like large marbles with a thin, hard layer of iced fruit juice and have soft sherbert-like filling inside of them. It usually comes in a variety of fruity flavors like apple, grape, and grapefruit.

4. Coolish ice cream (クーリッシュ)

Coolish has the same texture as Papico but comes in different flavors and packaging style (as shown in the image below). Lotte, a company known for selling its well-known snacks such as Toppo and Koala March, created the Japanese ice cream in a way that is easy to carry around on a hot summer day. When you initially buy it, it’s as hard as a block of ice. However, when you take it outside or out at room temperature, it gradually softens and becomes a drink similar to a shake.

5. Supercup ice cream (スーパーカップ)

If you’re looking for a simple Japanese ice cream treat, Supercup is the right choice for you. Meiji’s Supercup is a paper cup with smooth and creamy ice cream inside. It usually comes in three classical flavors: vanilla, matcha green tea and chocolate cookie.

6. PARM ice cream (パーム)

Morinaga created PARM as an ice cream popsicle that is covered in a thin and crispy layer of chocolate. It is sold in assorted flavors such as chocolate, matcha green tea, strawberry cheesecake, almond and more. Every season, similar to all of the other Japanese ice cream treats on the market, they come out with new limited-edition flavors.

7. GariGari-kun ice cream (ガリガリ君)

GariGari-kun is a well-known Japanese frozen treat made by Akagi. The word “garigari” is a Japanese onomatopoeia when there’s a crunchy sound. Likewise, GariGari-kun is a popsicle treat with shaved ice bits inside that make a crunchy sound when you take a bite. Usually, you can find GariGari-kun in soda (white soda) flavor.

8. Yukimi Daifuku ice cream (雪見だいふく)

Imagine vanilla ice cream balled up and wrapped in a soft layer of mochi. You just pictured Yukimi Daifuku which is another popular Japanese ice cream you can find almost anywhere. Lotte’s creation only comes in vanilla but they also sell it in a variety of other limited-edition flavors throughout the year such as matcha green tea.

9. Pino ice cream (ピノ)

Pino Japanese ice cream is similar to PARM where it has ice cream in the center and it’s coated with a thin layer of chocolate. Instead of being sold as an ice cream popsicle, they’re in small bite-sized pieces. You can usually find them in vanilla, strawberry and melon flavors.

10. GIANT CONE ice cream (ジャイアントコーン)

If you’re a big fan of ice cream cones, Glico’s GIANT CONE may be the ideal Japanese ice cream for you. Inside the waffle cone is ice cream, a filling, and on top of that is a coat of chocolate with a topping of nuts. You can enjoy GIANT CONE in a variety of flavors including chocolate and vanilla, cookies and chocolate and more. They also have seasonal flavors throughout the year.

Of course, there are many more types of Japanese ice cream, so we’d like to hear from you if you have any recommendations. If you’ve tried one of the Japanese ice cream treats that we listed above, please let us know what you thought.

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