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Best Free Beaches Near Tokyo for Summer 2023


Finally, it’s summertime in Japan! Are you itching to eventually go to a beach somewhere around Tokyo? If you’re up for enjoying the ocean, be sure to check out our recommendations listed below.

Onjuku Beach (Chiba)

Source: Tokyocheapo.com

Located less than 2 hours away from Central Tokyo by car, Onjuku Beach showcases a wide array of activities that beach lovers can do when they visit the area. Some of them include surfing, sunbathing, swimming and strolling on the white sand beach.

Furthermore, visitors can also do sightseeing around the area. You have the option to visit Tsuki-no-Sabaku Memorial Park, Ohazuki and Kohasuki Coast, and other interesting places.

Entrance feeFree 
AddressHama, Onjuku, Isumi District, Chiba 299-5107

Zushi Beach (Kanagawa)

Source: Is Japan Cool?

Known as one of  the most frequently visited  beaches by residents around Tokyo and Kanagawa, Zushi Beach displays various food shops and some water activities. It is less than 2 hours away from Tokyo, and it’s accessible by car or train.

Besides water activities, there are also other options for you when you plan to visit the place. These include relaxing in Hiroyama Park, eating at Riviera Zushi Marina and more.

Entrance feeFree 
AddressZushi Beach, 2-chōme-3 Shinjuku, Zushi, Kanagawa 249-0007

Shirahama Beach (Shizuoka)

Source: Tripadvisor.com

Regarded as one of Izu Peninsula’s top beach destinations, Shirahama Beach attracts visitors from Tokyo and other surrounding prefectures primarily because of its pure white sand beach. If you’re a fan of surfing, this may also be an ideal location for you.

The beach is located almost 3 hours away from Central Tokyo so if you want to enjoy the area, it is recommended to travel earlier in the day or stay overnight.

Entrance feeFree 
AddressHama, Onjuku, Isumi District, Chiba 299-5107

Moriya Beach (Chiba)

Source: Tripadvisor.com

Nestled in Chiba Prefecture, Moriya Beach has become a popular tourist attraction among Japanese and foreigners alike. Its seasonal pink sand beach, which is made up of a combination of coral fragments and other marine components. 

Tourists are invited to swim, sunbathe and play watersports when they visit the beach.

Entrance feeFree 
AddressMoriya Beach, Moriya, Chiba 299-5244

Koganezaki Beach (Shizuoka)

Source: izuseinan.com

Located in Izu Peninsula, this beach is a famous destination for tourists who are fond of diving and snorkeling because of its clear waters. You are also allowed to camp if you want to stay close to the beach overnight.

Since this area is close to many camping sites, it is best to try out camping as well so you can have full experience of summer in Shizuoka.

Entrance feeFree 
AddressKoganezaki beaches (Nego beach), 2382 Ugusu, 西伊豆町 Nishiizu, Kamo District, Shizuoka 410-3501

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