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How to earn and use Smiles points


Hello there Smilers! Did you know that  Smiles Mobile Remittance has a point system? For Smilers that do not know about the Smiles point system, we are going to explain it to you in this article. Topics include; what are Smiles points, what they are used for, and how to earn Smiles points.

1. What are Smiles Points and what they are used for

Smiles points is an in-app point system that Smiles Mobile Remittance exclusively has. By having Smiles points, you can lower your remittance fees when you send money to your loved ones back home. One (1) point is worth one (1) yen. You can check your points in the application by looking at the number beside your balance in green with the letter “P” which indicates the number of points. By using Smiles, you will get the best rates and you can lower the remittance fees using Smiles points.

2. How to earn Smiles points.

  1. Now that you know the Smiles point system and what the points are for, the big question is how do you earn them? You can earn Smiles points in several different ways. Firstly, the easiest way to earn them is by completing your registration. Yes, just by completing your registration, Smiles will give you 50 points for free!
  2. The second way you can earn Smiles points is by remitting. Just by remitting, you will be able to earn points. The points you earn will be decided on the amount of money that you remit. The more you remit, the more Smiles points you will earn!
  3. The third way for you to earn points is by inviting your friends to use Smiles Mobile Remittance using your personal referral code that you can find on your Smiles Mobile Remittance app (tap “invite” on the bottom left of the screen and your referral code will be shown). When you invite your friends and they remit for the first time, you will receive 500 points!
  4. The final way for you to earn points is by joining campaigns. We have daily, weekly and monthly campaigns for you to earn points. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media to find out more about our ongoing and upcoming campaigns.

3. How to use Smiles points

After registering, remitting, inviting your friends to use Smiles Mobile Remittance, and joining the campaigns, you have a lot of points and you want to use them. As we have mentioned before, you can use the points to lower your remittance fees. You can do that by tapping “Remit” in the app, select your beneficiary and input the amount that you would like to remit to your beneficiary and there will be a clear calculation of how much the beneficiary will receive and how much the fees are. After confirming the fees, if you have enough points you can input that amount and your transaction will be free. If you do not have enough points to cover the fees, you can still use the points to lower the fees of that transaction.

We hope that this article helps you understand the Smiles point system and that you are able to remit to your loved ones frequently and affordably with the best rates using Smiles Mobile Remittance.

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