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Top 7 Reasons Why Smiles Mobile Remittance is Ranked Number One in Japan


The development of the Smiles Mobile Remittance, a smartphone-based money transfer  service, has provided a major relief to many individuals in Japan, particularly those who live far from the city center and have no direct access to remittance centers. This advantage puts forward one of the objectives of the Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC) , which is to fulfill the commitment of every foreign national in Japan to provide financial support to their loved ones in their home countries.

In this article, we will discuss why Smiles Mobile Remittance is ranked number one in Japan. If you are still unfamiliar with this app, learn about its benefits, advantages and how it can change your lifestyle below.

First mobile remittance app in Japan

DWC aimed to eliminate the requirement for everyone to physically visit a remittance center only to send money by developing Smiles Mobile Remittance. In June 2017, DWC released a do-it-yourself mobile remittance app, with the goal to allow everyone to send money anytime, anywhere. 

While many were skeptical at first, they eventually became accustomed to Smiles because of the assurance of its safety and security that DWC has implemented to the system. More so, they realized the need for a more convenient way to send money during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First and only mobile remittance app to receive Good Design Award

In addition to being the first mobile remittance app in Japan, Smiles Mobile Remittance is also honored to be the first and only mobile remittance app that was granted the Good Design Award in 2021.

Along with other well-established companies in Japan, such as Sony and Toyota, Smiles Mobile Remittance was recognized for its excellent functionality and service features that allow users to easily navigate the app and process their transactions.

Offers “Everyday Great Rate”

One of the reasons why many more customers are choosing Smiles Mobile Remittance is due to its daily offering of high rates along with an affordable fee per transaction. This is DWC’s way of making sure that all its users are able to enjoy sending large amounts to their loved ones, while still being able to save more for themselves in Japan.

Gives loyalty and campaign points

Remitting with Smiles Mobile Remittance not only allows its users to enjoy sending money overseas but also provides them with loyalty and campaign points, which can be used to zero out the fee.

Loyalty points are automatically earned by a user after each successful transaction. On the other hand, campaign points are earned when one joins a Smiles event online, such as the weekly live-streaming on the Smiles’ Facebook page, or offline, such as ground marketing events in different parts of Japan.

Click on this link to learn more about earning and using Smiles Loyalty Points.

Provides real-time transactions, without delays

Because of Smiles Mobile Remittance’s partnerships with major banks in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal and other countries, it allows Smiles customers to process real-time money transfers, without significant waiting times. These partnerships ensure that the beneficiaries of users are able to receive the money sent to them in an instant.

Smiles users are also provided with various options when sending money to their loved ones. This includes sending money through bank transfers and cash pickup.

Donates to charities and organizations

What differentiates Smiles Mobile Remittance from other remittance companies is that apart from providing services to many foreign nationals in Japan, it also conducts donations drives and community assistance to impoverished communities in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Without deducting any amount from the user’s account, Smile Mobile Remittance is able to carry out this goal using a portion of its revenue from the transactions that were finalized by its users. In this way, Smiles users are not just remitting to their loved ones, but they are also supporting the lives of other communities in their home countries that primarily need financial assistance.

To learn more about Smiles’ CSR initiatives, click on this link.

Spreads smiles across the globe

Smiles Mobile Remittance aims to be an active mobile global money transfer service, both online and offline. 

Every day, the Smiles Team updates its users and followers with all the necessary information that they need in Japan, such as news, rates and even some entertainment. They also conduct weekly live-streaming events on various social media pages.

In addition to this, the Smiles Team visits areas in Japan to partake in ground marketing events and big festivals, such as the Philippines Festival.

These online and offline events showcase not just the service of Smiles but also its brand of spreading  smiles to everyone around the world through various community activities.

Now that  Smiles Mobile Remittance celebrates year 7 of its service, it aims to achieve a higher feat to reach more individuals, not only in Japan but also from around the world. It strives to improve its service to further its goal and be more than just allowing customers to send money.

With Smiles Mobile Remittance’s daily high rates and affordable remittance fees, along with its real-time processing of transactions, it assures its users are able to send more to their loved ones, while still being able to save more for themselves.

Smiles Mobile Remittance endeavors itself to work beyond being a remittance service that supports  communities to help maintain a more peaceful international society.

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