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Why Smiles Mobile Remittance Booth was the Most Crowded During the Philippine Festival Tokyo 2023


The vibrant Filipino spirit came alive during Philippine Festival Tokyo at Yoyogi Park, Shibuya, Tokyo on November 25 and 26, 2023.

The bright cheers, mouthwatering Filipino food and radiant smiles brightened the atmosphere throughout the whole duration of the festival.

It was apparent that the Smiles Mobile Remittance booth was the most visited. It was not only because Smiles was the major sponsor of this year’s Philippine Festival Tokyo but also because it offered various fun activities to everyone who visited its booth.

In this article, we will share with you the reasons behind  the popularity of the Smiles Mobile Remittance booth during Philippine Festival Tokyo 2023.

Smiles revived the simplicity of Filipino culture with its “Sari-sari Store” booth

Filipinos living in Japan have already grown accustomed to the comfort and familiarity that all convenience stores offer their customers. Back in the Philippines, Sari-Sari stores have provided convenience to many Filipinos, particularly those residing far from the city centers.

This idea became an inspiration for Smiles to install a Sari-Sari Store at its booth to showcase its ability to allow Filipinos to feel at home and others experience Filipino culture. Philippine Festival Tokyo limited-edition merchandise was displayed, which was eventually given to loyal and new customers. There were also Philippine snacks similar to a sari-sari store.

Smiles showcased the Filipinos’ passion for basketball with its “Champion’s Cave”

Wherever you go in the Philippines, you will see a basketball court. This is a testament to how passionate Filipinos are when it comes to the sport.

As a way of highlighting this, Smiles brought its own basketball court to the Philippine Festival. Everyone got their chance to shoot their shot with a chance to win fun prizes.

Smiles highlighted the enjoyable gatherings of families and friends with its “Tambayan” spot

It is inevitable, among Filipinos, that whenever there’s a gathering, there will always be a common place where they can spend time together, relax and talk to each other.

This idea was executed by Smiles through its Tambayan spot at its booth. It allowed customers to relax while being assisted to start their remittance journey with Smiles.

Smiles championed the talents of Filipinos with its “Karaoke” spot

As most would say, “It’s not a Filipino party without karaoke.” This is true for many Filipinos as, growing up, there would always be a karaoke machine present for every type of celebration.

As a result, this was a hit during the Philippine Festival. People crowded the booth while watching people belt out their favorite classics. It was a fun way to showcase everyone’s talent and a way for everyone to immerse in Filipino culture.

Overall, the success of the Smiles Mobile Remittance booth was attributed to its ability to revive the joyful Filipino spirit, which had been missing for many Filipinos residing in Japan.

Everyone had the opportunity to join in on the fun Filipino activities such as playing basketball. They were also able to experience the nostalgic lifestyle in the Philippines, through Smiles’ Sari-sari and Tambayan stands. To top off everyone’s visit, Smiles gave everyone a chance to sing their favorite classics with all the Filipinos singing with them, which made it more fun and special.

Smiles Mobile Remittance is beyond grateful for the opportunity to provide the best service to hardworking Filipinos, as it improved thanks to many pioneer Filipino customers. This means not only allowing them to conveniently send money to their loved ones in the Philippines and other parts of the world but also providing them with the chance to reconnect with the genuine sense of being Filipino.

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