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Best Things to do at the Philippine Festival 2023 in Tokyo


Mabuhay everyone! We’re already at the tail-end of 2023 and you know what that means! The biggest and the most festive Filipino event in Japan is finally happening on November 25 and 26 at Yoyogi Park known as the Philippine Festival 2023 in Tokyo.

Organized by the Philippine Assistance Group and supported by the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, this year’s Philippine Festival promises to be the grandest yet as Smiles Mobile Remittance, known as the most popular mobile money transfer app in Japan, will be the event’s first major sponsor.

What should you expect on these two festive days? In this article, we will guide you through the activities to enjoy so you can fully experience and feel the Filipino festive spirit.

Watch Filipino cultural performances

Relive Filipino culture and traditions by witnessing cultural performances during the Philippine Festival. You will surely enjoy watching Filipino folk dances and some Filipino skits.

Eat Filipino delicacies

If you haven’t returned or visited the Philippines in a while, take this opportunity to savor the taste of home once more. It sure is fun to eat the authentic Filipino food that you have been craving. Prepare your belly for adobo, lechon and some Filipino desserts like Bibingka, Halo-halo, turon and more!

Sing Filipino ballads

As many would say, “It’s not a Filipino party without karaoke.” When you’re at the festival, you’ll witness Filipinos and even foreigners belting various genres of music. Whether it’s an 80’s classic or a 2000s hit, you’ll hear them all. And, of course, you are always welcome to put on your favorite song and sing it in public.

Meet Filipino celebrities

If you’re a fan of Filipino entertainment, you will have the opportunity to see Filipino celebrities up close and personal. Make sure you don’t miss this chance!

Smiles Mobile Remittance is the first Major Sponsor of the Philippine Festival 2023

If you haven’t heard the big news yet, this year’s Philippine Festival is sponsored by the number one mobile remittance service in Japan – Smiles Mobile Remittance.

As a service that is loyal to the needs of many Filipinos in Japan, Smiles is ready and proud to support the cause of this event, which is to primarily help Filipinos in Japan, and even in the Philippines, especially those who are experiencing financial hardship. This aligns with the Smiles objective of helping and supporting individuals and communities in countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more.

Learn more about this exciting event by clicking here.

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