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FAQs: Login

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For security purposes, the Smiles app only allows one login account per mobile device. In other words, one cannot log in to his/her Smiles account in different devices at the same time.

You can, however, switch to a device by following the steps below:

  1. Install Smiles App to your new mobile device.
  2. Select the Region & Language you prefer.
  3. Tap [ Login ] and log in with your registered login account.
  4. Enter the confirmation code starting with 'C-'. The code is sent to your registered email address.

Refferal code is a personal code to introduce Smiles to your friends. You can use this code to invite colleagues, family members, friends, or acquaintances to use Smiles.

As a gift, Smiles will present you 100 points per referral. Your friends will aso earn 100 points after registering with your invitation code and making his/her first remittance.

If you have recently moved and have updated your residence card at your local city hall, update your address on the Smiles app by submitting your updated ID and following the instructions below:

1) Tap on "Menu"
2) Tap "Edit" button next to your profile icon on the top
3) Go to "Address"
4) Tap on "Change"
5) Tap on "Updated"
6) Submit your updated ID
7) Change your address

If you have any inquiries, please contact our customer service.

To change your email address please follow the instructions below:

1) Tap on "Menu"
2) Tap "Edit" button next to your profile icon on the top
3) Scroll down and go to "Login account" then tap "Edit"
4) Tap on "Continue editing"
5) Enter the new email address in the field provided.
6) Tap on "Send code". The code will be sent to the e-mail address you just entered
7) Enter the code in the field provided to complete

To change your mobile numbers please follow the instructions below:

  1. Tap on "Menu"
  2. Tap "Edit" next to your profile icon on the top
  3. In the Profile section, tap on "Edit"
  4. Change your Mobile number and tap "Done"