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10 Affordable Summer Airism Clothes from Uniqlo in Japan


Are you trying to find the best summer clothes to wear in Japan? Are you looking for Japanese summer clothes that are affordable and will keep you cool? Uniqlo’s Airism clothing line will tend your summer clothing needs. According to Uniqlo (ユニクロ), they say Airism is a “high-performance fabric with moisture-wicking, sweat-absorbing, heat-releasing functionality. It feels like it’s breathing with you while maintaining a smooth feel all day.” Smiles has listed the best ten Airism summer clothes in Japan, so if you see anything that may be a great fit for you, feel free to check it out on Uniqlo’s website or in one of their numerous stores located throughout the country.

10 Summer Airism Clothes from Uniqlo in Japan

Table of Contents

1. Airism Masks

Even before COVID, masks were commonly worn in Japan during hay fever season and when people either don’t want to spread their illness or don’t want to contract an illness. Masks can feel like a burden during the summertime, but with Airism masks, you may not have to deal with an ocean of sweat on your face.

uniqlo masks

2. Airism Tank Tops

There are Airism tank tops available for women, men and children. They also come in an assortment of colors.

womens tank top

mens tank top

uniqlo kids tank top

3. Airism T-shirts

Japanese summer fashion is simple, so an Airism T-shirt can go a long way. Plus, they are easy to coordinate with other clothing items.

womens tshirt

mens tshirt

kids tshirt uniqlo

4. Airism Undershirts

Undershirts are available for men to wear underneath their shirts. They absorb the sweat from the body and the fabric turns it into a cooling layer so you don’t feel like you’re wearing two layers of clothing during the summer in Japan.

airism undershirt

5. Airism Underwear

Uniqlo has a line of Airism underwear for everyone. No need to worry about Japan’s summer heat “down there,” as Airism underwear will feel very light.

womens underwear

mens underwear

boys underwear

girls underwear

6. Airism Dresses

There are long Airism dresses available for women that accommodate well with summer fashion in Japan. Given the functionality of the fabric and timeless style, this may be considered “cheap” summer clothes.

uniqlo dress

BW uniqlo dress

7. Airism Sportswear

Wearing anything during the summer in Japan, especially while you’re working out, may cause you to instantly sweat and make your body overheat. With Uniqlo’s Airism sportswear, that summer workout struggle will disappear.

women sports

men sports tights

8. Airism Loungewear

Even when you’re lounging all day, there is Airism wear for that. If you’re one of those people who try not to use the AC at home during the summer in Japan, Airism loungewear will keep you relaxed and cool all day.

womens loungewear

mens loungewear

9. Airism Long Sleeves

Believe it or not, there are people who wear long sleeves during the scorching hot summer days in Japan. They usually do that to protect their skin from the intense sun rays. This idea may make you think that you can never do that, but wearing light materials like Airism long sleeves may surprise you.

womens long sleeve

mens long sleeve

10. Airism Hijab

For those of you who are looking for breathable hijabs in Japan, Uniqlo has them available on their website and in their stores.

hijab uniqlo

Smiles hopes you can stay cool during Japan’s summer with Airism products! We own them ourselves and we’re very satisfied with them. Let us know about your Airism experience or if you plan on trying them out!

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