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240 Corona Cases in Tokyo! Better or Worse?

Corona 224 Cases Chart

Hey Smiles Friends! Welcome back, today we are writing about the Corona virus or other wise known as COVID-19 to update you guys!

How Covid-19 Affected the World?

Corona Virus has stopped the whole world from spinning! The virus has no consideration of livelihood of the people all over the world. No country or no one is safe from it; and, the economic effect is devastating for everyone.
Most notably, even the country as strong as the USA has been negatively affected; and, was hit the worst of all countries. Japan is considered to be successful in curbing the spread effect of Corona. Well… until two days ago….

How Covid-19 Affected Japan?

Corona 224 Cases Chart

Yesterday, there was a sudden spike of Covid-19 infected case in Tokyo with 224 cases. And today, the infected people are getting worse again in Tokyo having reported with 240 cases and counting.

More details on yesterday case, and case by prefecture see Nippon.com

240 cases corona today

Knowing that Corona virus isn’t over yet, it is best to take as many precautions as possible.
More details about today infection in NHK

How to Reduce the Chances of Infections?

  1. Wash hand regularly or use an alcohol-based hand rub
  2. Keep 1 meter distance with others
  3. Avoid going to crowded places
  4. If you show any symptoms, try to get checked in a clinic/hospital as soon as possible.
    To read more details, go to WHO website

Will there be another confinement restriction in Japan?

So far, there is no news giving information about whether there will be another house confinement or work from home status in Japan. Thus, the best route of actions that we can take is to follow WHO requirements of keeping safe and keep wearing masks. It is best to try to do all we can to stay at home, like using online delivery service instead of eating out or using online payment service. (Smiles is the best option to fully serve international money transfer having offered 24/7 service, anytime, anywhere).


Thank you for reading!


– Nippon.com



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