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5 New Sports in Tokyo Olympics


In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that this July, Tokyo Olympics will be officially held in Tokyo Japan, from July 23, 2021 to August 8, 2021.  The Japanese government is trying to rush the vaccination process and find countermeasures to stop COVID from growing so everyone can enjoy the upcoming biggest sports festival in the world. In other news, we have new sports upcoming at the Tokyo Olympics. Some have waited and others may not be familiar with the sport. In this article, we wrote about the five new sports that will join The Olympics  this July.

5 New Sports In Tokyo Olympics

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The beautiful ocean of Japan with high tides of the rumbling sea holds on because surfing is coming this summer. The time has finally come to the point where everyone  can watch surfing on a bigger platform starting from the Tokyo Olympics. Rules are simple. Athletes will compete on a given time to ride the waves, and the judges will score their performance, according to the difficulty of the movements they executed. The scoring includes the speed, power and flow of each move.



Skateboarding is a sport that was born in the streets. Some people use skateboards just to go to school or the stations, but eventually, the high-level stunts that the skaters created and performed have attracted worldwide attention. Until now, skateboarding has grown and become a competitive sport to attract not only the people on sidewalks but amaze people around the world.

Watch the high-level stunts performed at X Games Minneapolis in 2017:


There will be two disciplines on the skateboarding program: Street and Park. Street is held on a course that mimics the real street with stairs, benches, rails and more. Park, on the other hand, is held on a hollowed-out bowl-like course with multiple slopes.

3.Sport Climbing

Sport climbing has three disciplines, but there will be only one goal:climb to the top. [Speed]  Two climbers secure safety ropes to themselves and attempt to scale a 15 meter high wall, set at an angle of 95 degrees and climb faster than their opponent on identical routes.

Watch the speed of the new world record in sport climbing:


Sport climbing involves two types of competitions: Bouldering and Lead. In Bouldering, athletes climb as many fixed routes as they can within four minutes, on a 4.5 meter high wall equipped with safety mats. The routes vary in difficulty and climbers are not permitted to practice climbing them in advance. When a climber grabs the final hold at the top of a route with both hands, they are deemed to have completed it. As for Lead, it involves athletes attempting to climb as high as they can on a wall measuring more than 15 meters in height within six minutes. The climbers use safety ropes and attach the rope to quickdraws (equipment that allows the rope to run freely while leading) along the route. When a climber attaches their rope to the top quickdraw, they have completed the climb.



Karate is a martial art that originated in Okinawa during the Ryukyu Dynasty period. It spread throughout Japan during the 1920s and then worldwide, following World War II. It is predominantly a striking, kicking and punching art. The karate competition consists of kata (forms) and kumite (sparring). Kata has key factors that include strength, speed, rhythm, balance and power of strikes and kicks, the solidity, clarity and force of movements and the proper expression of the meaning of each technique with beautiful, flowing motion.

Watch the beautiful performance of Kata from 2016 World Karate Championships:


Kumite involves two athletes who face each other in a matted area. They must land a series of blows on the target area of their opponent’s body with energy and precision.

Here are some of the Best Fights of Kumite:



One of the most popular sports in the world will have its debut at the Tokyo Olympics: baseball. Two teams of nine players seek to score the most ‘runs’ by striking a ball and running around a sequence of bases to reach the home plate. The teams alternate between batting and fielding. Each session which is called an “inning,” requires teams to switch roles when the fielding team gets three opposing players out

Watch Shouhei Ohtani, one of the best players who will be representing Japan, hit his 17th home run:



Want to know more about the Olympics? 

Check out the official site of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – Homepage (olympics.com)

Check out some hacks to stay cool while watching the Tokyo Olympics.

Top 10 Hacks to Stay Cool in Summer in Japan | Smiles (smileswallet.com) 

Smiles hopes that you can have more fun at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics with five new sports participating, starting this year.

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