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Sakura Forecast 2022


Hello Smilers! The weather is getting warmer each passing day which only means one thing. The Sakura season is just around the corner! In this blog, we will share with you the Sakura forecast. We hope that the COVID-19 situation settles down and everyone will be able to go out and enjoy the Hanami activities with their friends and/or family.

Table of Contents

1. Sakura first bloom and full bloom forecast in all cities

As of March 4, 2022, here is the Sakura blooming forecast in each cities:


City First Bloom Date Full Bloom Date
Mito 3/28 4/2
Utsunomiya 3/29 4/4
Maebashi 3/27 4/3
Kumagaya 3/25 4/1
Tokyo 3/21 3/27
Choshi 3/27 4/3
Yokohama 3/23 3/29
Nagano 4/8 4/13
Kofu 3/25 4/1


City First Bloom Date Full Bloom Date
Shizuoka 3/26 4/1
Nagoya 3/23 3/30
Gifu 3/24 3/31
Tsu 3/26 3/31
Niigata 4/8 4/13
Toyama 4/4 4/8
Kanazawa 3/31 4/6
Fukui 3/31 4/5


City First Bloom Date Full Bloom Date
Hikone 3/30 4/5
Kyoto 3/26 4/1
Osaka 3/26 4/1
Kobe 3/26 4/3
Nara 3/27 3/31
Wakayama 3/24 3/10


City First Bloom Date Full Bloom Date
Okayama 3/27 4/3
Hiroshima 3/23 4/1
Matsue 3/29 4/4
Tottori 3/29 4/4
Takamatsu 3/26 4/2
Tokushima 3/27 4/3
Matsuyama 3/25 4/1
Kochi 3/22 3/29
Shimonoseki 3/26 4/3


City First Bloom Date Full Bloom Date
Fukuoka 3/21 3/29
Oita 3/24 4/2
Nagasaki 3/22 3/30
Saga 3/22 3/29
Kumamoto 3/21 3/29
Miyazaki 3/21 3/29
Kagoshima 3/23 3/30


City First Bloom Date Full Bloom Date
Aomori 4/19 4/23
Akita 4/16 4/20
Morioka 4/16 4/21
Sendai 4/8 4/12
Yamagata 4/11 4/15
Fukushima 4/4 4/8


City First Bloom Date Full Bloom Date
Sapporo 4/25 4/29
Wakkanai 5/7 5/10
Asahikawa 4/29 5/1
Abashiri 5/4 5/7
Kushiro 5/10 5/13
Obihiro 4/29 5/2
Muroran 4/30 5/5
Hakodate 4/25 4/29

There are no forecast charts available for Amami/Okinawa since we have already passed the full bloom period in that region. We hope that this table will be helpful for you Smilers when you plan on seeing the Sakura in Japan

2. Recommended spots for hanami

There are a lot of famous spots for cherry blossom sightseeing in Japan. In Tokyo, a couple of well-known destinations to view the cherry blossoms are Ueno Park and the Meguro River. You can visit and enjoy the scenery in Meguro River during the day or when the sun sets. In Tohoku, Akita, you can sight see and enjoy a long stretch of cherry blossoms in Kakunodate Hinokinaigawa Tsutsumi-Bukeyashiki.

In Tokai/Hokuriku, Nagoya, you can hit two birds with one stone! If you visit Nagoya Castle, you will be able to see Nagoya Castle and the cherry blossoms. It’s an ideal photo-taking spot as you get the best of both worlds. Our final spot that we recommend you to see the cherry blossoms is in the Kinki area. At Kasamatsu Park in Kyoto, you’ll need a ride to an observatory by a funicular which will go through a tunnel of cherry trees. Once you’ve reached the observatory, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the cherry blossoms accompanied by the view of Amanohashidate, one of the most scenic spots in Japan.

Due to COVID-19, we recommend that you search for places you want to visit before going to them. Some places do not allow you to have a picnic there and some places might have operating hours. For example, at the cherry blossom-viewing spot in Kasamatsu Park, the funicular you ride to go to the observatory is not open 24/7. From March to November, business hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm. From December to February, business hours are from9:00am to 4:30pm.

We hope that you will visit the places we recommended above and enjoy the beautiful sight of cherry blossoms in Japan with your family and friends.

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