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Bakit Nagiiba ang Rate ng JPY at PHP ?


Bakit Nagiiba ang Rate ng JPY at PHP ?

Hello Smilers , madami po saatin minsan upset dahil mababa ang rate ng mga remittance companies kapag nag papadala . At minsan pag katapos mag padala , biglang tataas ang palitan . Bakit ba nangyayari eto ? Cguro madami saatin na may katanungan tungkol dito . So in this blog , we gathered all questions tungol sa pag galaw ng Rates . 

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Q: What factors are behind why currencies go up or down?

Just like any open market, currencies go up and down based on supply and demand. Many factors affect the supply and demand of a particular currency.For example, USDJPY. Toyota exported cars to the US and US dollar is changed to Japanese Yen. If the deal is for thousands of cars it would affect the supply and demand of USDJPY.The above is just one example. There are many other factors such as government intervention in the open market, government policies that would affect overall sentiments of investors etc.
Masasabi din natin dito na kapag madami nag papadala ng yen from Japan to Philippines , It will effect the supply and demand of the both currencies . Kaya minsan tataas eto pag tapos ng sweldo dito sa Japan .

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Q:What Effects of falling yen price ?

  • A falling yen increases profits when exporting abroad, but it also increases the price of goods imported from abroad into Japan. This explains the situation of Japan’s trade balance in the period 2020-2021: Japan’s export turnover skyrocketed but could not compensate for the sudden increase in the cost of crude oil imports.
  • Rising prices of domestic consumer goods: Talking about this effect, Ryutaro Kono, economist at BNP Paribas, said, “The weak policy makes consumers suffer from consumption pain due to the high cost of goods. Low-income households are particularly vulnerable.” 

Q:What are the changes in forex trading behavior when the yen price falls ?

Until now, the yen has been considered a safe-haven currency, but since the beginning of 2021, it has fallen sharply. In the face of the current free-falling yen trend, the foreign exchange trading behavior of investors is also gradually shifting to currencies with high inflation prospects, virtual currencies with huge profits, or shift investment into low-risk investment items for shelter such as real estate/high intrinsic value commodities/government bonds.


Above is Smiles’ analysis of the downtrend of the Japanese yen. Even in this situation, Smiles money transfer company strives to bring you the highest exchange rate in the market, in order to serve you and your loved ones !

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