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Earn 5000 Points by Applying My Number (Part 2)

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Steps to Get 5000 Points!

Hi Smiles friends! Welcome back to our Japan 101 series. Today we are going to continue with some steps on how to get 5000 points by applying My Number.

Nowadays, getting 5000 worth points from issuing My Number card is a popular topic in Japan. The aim for this campaign is to popularize my number card and activate consumption. The country prepares 200 billion yen as a resource for point reward, but each service provider gives points for each service, not directly from the country. The application for the My Number Points (Myna Point) started from July 1st, 2020, and the redemption period is from September 1st to March next year. In order to apply for the program, you will need to have My Number Card first. If you have not own it, you can check here (our other article on my number) to see how to apply my number card.

The general flow is:

  1. Apply for My Number card.
  2. Set the PIN (4-digit number) of the “electronic certificate for user certification” upon receiving the card.
  3. Selects one cashless payment service registered with the campaign.
  4. Purchase or charge using the selected payment service
  5. Up to 5,000 points (equivalent to 5,000 yen) will be returned 25% within 2 months of shopping and using charges. So, it means up to 20,000 JPY purchase or charge.
  6. It is not necessary to bring your My Number card while shopping.

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Family Members Can Enjoy the Campaign too!

Mr. Nobuyuki Higashi, the director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry Point Promotion Office stated, “We have no plans to set any restrictions on income or age.” In other words, if you have a family of four with parents and two children, you can receive a maximum of 20,000 points (equivalent to 20,000 yen) per household. However, only one My Key ID can be associated with one payment service. For example, “Suica,” has a 17-digit ID number assigned to each card. Suica with the ID number “JE 305 0000 0000 0000” can be associated with only one My Key ID, and this Suica cannot be associated with MyKey IDs for four families. Each of the four family members must prepare a payment service to tie it.

Over 100 services such as credit card, QR code payment, electronic money, etc. are registered. In addition to the return from the country, electronic money “WAON” will return 2,000 yen to minor point registrants and up to 1,000 yen for au PAY (QR code settlement) and au PAY card (credit card). Payment services that carry out their own additional campaigns are continuing. However, it is not possible to change it after applying for a payment service, so it is better to judge carefully when choosing. Also, the application method differs depending on the payment service.

The major cashless payment services for which registration has been announced are as follows.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Hopefully this article can help a few Smiles friends. Visit our page to see more. Thank you for reading!

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
The Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems (J-LIS)

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