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Halal Shops Available Online in Japan

Halal Shops Available Online in Japan

Hello Smilers! It is the holy month of Ramadan and we would like to wish our Muslim Smilers a great fasting month ahead! As some of you may know, finding a Halal shop in Japan can be a difficult thing to do. In this blog, we would like to share with you online Halal shops that will deliver Halal goods to your doorstep. Without further ado, here are a few Halal shops that we recommend.

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1. Sariraya – Aichi

Sariraya shop is located in Aichi. The Sariraya shop is more than just a Halal online shop, they also have a fermented soybean cake (tempe) factory and a fried chicken restaurant. During this Holy month of Ramadan, Sariraya shop has a special promotion. If you purchase goods online worth more than 9,999 yen, the postage fees will be free of charge. For those of you Smilers who are living in Aichi, you can visit the 2 stores at these locations:


Shop Name 


Halal Mart Yonezu

Kitaura-75-1 Yonezuchō, Nishio, Aichi 445-0802, Japan

Halal Mart Tanuki

Ichigawara-87 Tanukichō, Nishio, Aichi 444-0301, Japan

2. Toko Indonesia – Okubo

Toko Indonesia is very popular amongst the Indonesian people residing in Tokyo because of its  location in Okubo. You can purchase Halal food and Indonesian ingredients online. All these can be delivered to your doorstep with a postage fee of 1,050 Yen. Starting from June 2020, the only payment method that will be accepted is COD (Cash on Delivery). For those of you Smilers residing in Tokyo and want to visit the shop, here is the address: 


Shop Name 


Toko Indonesia – Okubo

Hyakunincho, 1−19−18 1F, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-0073

3. Kobe Halal Food

From the name of the shop, you could tell that this shop is located in Kobe and in addition to that, the shop is near the Kobe Mosque. Kobe Halal Food has a variety of local Halal food from countries such as Indonesia, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Tunisia, Africa, Thailand and Malaysia. Kobe Halal Food also provides Halal meat such as beef, lamb, chicken and more. Please note that the Kobe Halal Food website is available only in Japanese. For Smilers residing in Kobe, do visit them at:

Shop Name 


Kobe Halal Food

2-17-3 Nakayamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe Nishijima Building 1F

4. Sonali Halal Food

Sonali Halal Food is the oldest shop that provides Halal food in Tokyo. They provide Halal food from Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan, Arab, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. For Smilers residing in Tokyo, you can visit the store at:

Shop Name 


Sonali Halal Food

Mejon Nomura 101,  Kami Jujo 1-13-5, Kita-ku, Japan, Tokyo,114-0034

5. Baticrom

Batricom is an online shop that was the first to sell Halal food online in Japan. J The shops carry Halal food from all over the world such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Srilanka, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Arab and Africa. For every order over 5,000 Yen worth of food (excluding phone cards) and orders worth over 7,000 Yen of frozen food, you will not be charged for the postage fees.

We hope that this information is useful for you Smilers!

Have a good fasting month ahead and don’t forget to keep Smiling!

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