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Helpful English-speaking Moving Companies in Tokyo


Moving out in Japan, whether to an apartment or a house, can be a hassle. On top of that, foreigners may have a hard time finding English-speaking moving companies in Japan in order to properly move everything. To relieve the stress of moving out in Japan, please take a look at this blog about English-speaking moving companies mainly in Tokyo.

But wait. Before you start scrolling through, please take a look at our Japanese vocabulary words related to moving out in Japan:

Moving – 引っ越し (hikkoshi)

Stuff – 荷物 (nimotsu)

Home – 家 (ie)

Apartment – アパート (apaato)

Apartment building – マンション (manshon)

Initial moving fees – 初期の費用 (shokinohiyoo)

English-speaking moving companies in Tokyo

Table of Contents

1. Midori Home Services

Midori Home Services is owned by David Green who offers a variety of home-related services. Not only can he help with moving furniture and home goods from one place to another, but he can also assemble home products. On top of that, he can provide services for household repairs. For those who are also looking for an English-speaking moving company in Tokyo that can also do installations and extensions, Midori Home Services can provide those services.

pexels-rodnae english moving company tokyo
Photo by Rodnae Productions

2. Yamato Home Convenience

Yamato Home Convenience is a Japanese company that offers English-speaking moving services in Tokyo as well as other locations throughout the country. They provide special moving services for families and those who live alone. One important thing to note is that the application for their service is all in Japanese and all of the information will need to be inputted in Japanese. Please also note that this is a more pricey option compared to other moving companies in Tokyo, but it is more reliable since Yamato is a well-known packaging/postal company.

  • Price simulator & application process here
  • Registration link here

3. Tokyo Move

Another English-speaking moving company is Tokyo Move. The top three highlights of their company are using reused boxes for being eco-friendly and providing storage and disposal services. They also provide their services in Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama.

  • Phone: 080-7624-6193
  • LINE (scan the code below)

Tokyo move LINE qr code

4. Quick Move

If you’re trying to find an English-speaking moving company in Tokyo that offers moving and delivery, storage, disposal, replacement and installation services, Quick Move may be a great option for you. There is no set pricing for this service as they let you fill out an estimation form. They’re located in Saitama and do their business all over the Kanto region.

pexels-rodnae-productions moving english tokyo
Photo by Rodnae Productions

5. Quoz Movers Tokyo

An English-speaking moving company in Tokyo that has been in business since 1995, known as Quoz Movers Tokyo, provides packing, moving and disposal services. Quiz Movers Tokyo also has agents who can also help with Japanese clearing customs. Prices are not posted but they say their services are not costly. To get a free estimate, you will need to call or email them.

  • Phone: 03-5932-7777 OR 090-3801-8083 (Steve)
  • Hours: Every day 9 am-9 pm
  • Email: quozmove@gmail.com

6. Prorow Moving Services

Known to be the “largest English-speaking mover in Japan”, Prorow Moving Services is another company that provides a variety of moving services. They were founded in 2001 in Hokkaido and are now located in Tokyo. One unique feature they have is that they offer several moving plans. For example, their Economy Plan is less expensive and allows you to move smaller items and they will move all of the heavier and larger items. 

7. 23 Move

23 More is yet another English-speaking moving company in Tokyo that provides a handful of services. They can help with local moving, packing/unpacking, storage and disposals. Outside of Tokyo, they also do their business in Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama and more. If you have any inquiries or would like an estimate for moving out, you can fill out the form they provide at the end of their home page.

  • Phone: 070-8367-7530
  • Facebook
  • LINE (scan the code below)

23 move line qr code

  • WhatsApp (scan the code below)

23 move whatsapp qr code

8. Tokyo Helping Hands

Last, but not least, is Tokyo Helping Hands. This English-speaking moving company in Tokyo is family-owned and they’ve been doing their business for 10 years. Their website provides tips on moving preparations. In terms of services, they offer help with moving, delivery, storage and disposals. If you’d like an estimate, they advise you to email them the following information:

  1. Moving out and in addresses
  2. Floor number and elevator availability
  3. Details of your items (furniture, electronic items, etc.)

So, are you ready to make the move?

We hope you were able to find the right English-speaking moving company in Tokyo. Moving out in Japan is always a hassle, so please make sure to plan ahead. If you know of other English-speaking moving companies in Tokyo or other areas in Japan, feel free to let us know.

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