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mobileDMP attending Retail Tech JAPAN Online 2023 with Microsoft


Tokyo, Japan – From Feb. 14, 2023 to Mar. 10, 2023, mobileDMP, Digital Wallet Corporation’s B2B premium consumer data analyzing platform, will jointly participate with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. at Retail Tech JAPAN exhibition, known as one of the largest technology conventions. 


Retail Tech JAPAN will be holding its 39th annual event and it will take place at Tokyo BIG SIGHT with hundreds of companies participating this year. The admission fee is free.


The event describes this to be for “representative distribution DX suppliers who provide solutions for solving problems for the distribution and retail industry, where the surrounding environment is changing dramatically, such as labor shortages, distribution, and changes in consumer purchasing methods, gathered together.”


As this year’s theme is “Resilient Retail”, Microsoft Japan will promote its digital experience (DX) support system in the retail industry jointly with partnering companies through four industry priority scenarios (IPS). 


mobileDMP will be participating online and will showcase its services for participants to view through Microsoft’s profile and booth.


Digital Wallet’s B2B service will present itself as a mobile application service that thoroughly gathers and analyzes customer data in real time and offers cost-reduction for businesses such as retailers, restaurants, and membership services. 


This was initially designed to ensure that the results of in-house data can be used at the site at any time. 


It offers maximum support for data utilization and provides low-cost and sustainable real-time digital marketing. All businesses can effectively utilize data anytime, anywhere, regardless of company size. 


It will also greatly promote the activation of marketing utilization and DX, especially in the retail industry, event industry, region, and tourism business.


The mobileDMP service hopes to promote value creation and sustainability. Appealing data utilization platforms, promoting the understanding of the four IPSs for promoting DX (maximization of data value, innovation of customer experience, real-time and sustainable supply chain and strengthening employees), appealing partners and Microsoft solutions are integrated into the service. 


Among the theme, mobileDMP will be exhibited as a service that contributes to “maximizing the value of data”.

To learn more about the event, please visit Retail Tech JAPAN’s website here and register an account. You can also view details on Microsoft’s website. Please note that when you register, you will need to prepare your business card.

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