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MoneyGram Partners with Digital Wallet Corporation to Expand Customer-Centric Digital Capabilities in Japan


Tokyo, January 12, 2022 — MoneyGram International, Inc., a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers, today announced a strategic partnership with Digital Wallet Corporation, a global fintech company and owner of Smiles Mobile Remittance, the number one mobile international money transfer service in Japan. MoneyGram customers can now send money in near real-time through the Smiles Mobile Remittance app to family and friends around the world.

“Consumer demand for real-time payments and mobile wallets continues to surge, so this expansion with a leading mobile money transfer service in a key market is yet another milestone in our journey to lead the evolution of digital P2P payments,” said Grant Lines, MoneyGram Global Chief Revenue Officer. “We’ve built a modern, mobile, and API-driven company that has enabled MoneyGram to become the preferred partner for cross-border transfers, and we’re excited to expand our real-time transfer capabilities with Digital Wallet Corporation.”

The World Bank estimates that individuals in Japan sent over $8.2 billion in remittances in 2020, and with smartphone penetration in the country now approaching 75%, the partnership enables more consumers in Japan to send money through their Smiles Wallet balance to friends and family in over 200 countries and territories.

“Digital Wallet Corporation is delighted to partner with MoneyGram in the rapidly-growing, cross-border money transfer and payment market in Japan,” said Eiji Miyakawa, Digital Wallet Corporation President & CEO. “We believe collaborating with the respected MoneyGram is a big step forward to reach and help our customers. As our service has recently received the 2021 Good Design Award, we are looking forward to challenging ourselves to the next level through a successful strategic partnership with MoneyGram.”

“We are extremely honored to partner with Digital Wallet Corporation in Japan,” said Sam Darmawan, MoneyGram Regional Head of North Asia.  “Through this upcoming launch, we are honing in on our efforts in Japan, in turn, providing new and innovative technologies and digital payment options to consumers.”

MoneyGram and Digital Wallet’s partnership will enable a more diverse set of customers with its expanded reach to more countries and payout options. It will also provide an assurance that its Smiles users’ remittances will experience a safer and faster way to send money to their loved ones.

About MoneyGram International, Inc.

MoneyGram is leading the evolution of digital P2P payments. With a purpose-driven strategy to mobilize the movement of money, a strong culture of fintech innovation, and leading customer-centric capabilities, MoneyGram has grown to serve nearly 150 million people across the globe over the last five years.

The company leverages its modern, mobile, and API-driven platform and collaborates with the world’s leading brands to serve consumers through MoneyGram Online (MGO), its direct-to-consumer digital business, its global retail network and its emerging embedded finance business for enterprise customers, MoneyGram as a service.

For more information, please visit ir.moneygram.com and follow @MoneyGram

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About Digital Wallet Corporation

Digital Wallet has combined the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Financial Technology (FinTech) and used their expertise to carefully craft and develop a premium financial service that’s accessible to everyone known as Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles). The service’s unique features include an integrated loyalty points program and access to sending money to more than one beneficiary. After only being on the market since 2017, Smiles has been growing rapidly with the combination of outstanding quality in its service and recently winning the 2021 Good Design Award for its application design and functionality. For more information, please visit the following links:

  • Digital Wallet Corporation: digitalwallet.global
  • Smiles Mobile Remittance: smileswallet.com

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